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Hello - I'm new

Hi Everyone,

I am a member of the Thyroid UK community on HealthUnlocked (Have a diagnosed underactive thyroid and on medication).

I have started to experience gut related issues for the last couple of months - cramps, gas, extreme bloating, constipation, heat in my gut and general discomfort at varying degrees of intensity. Some days anything I eat sets it off. The flatulence at most is the worst - putrid. I don't experience diarrhoea.

I have an appointment booked with my GP (who thankfully is fab) on Monday to not only discuss the above but to chat about my thyroid as I know the gut is having an effect on this - or visa versa. The last couple of days I have felt dreadful. My hair has started to fall out, nails are brittle with ridges, extreme tiredness and my mood is low. Since the diagnosis of my Hypothyroidism 2 years ago I have become much on the ball with diet, medication, vitamins and minerals, stress etc. I educated myself and joined Thyroid UK. I now listen to my body. Hence, why I have joined IBS.

My Mum had Crohns (passed away 17 years ago from Breast Cancer), my Maternal Grandmother died from Bowel Cancer and my Paternal Aunt is Coeliac (also Hypothyroid due to thyroid being removed). I'm leaning towards me and IBS.

A friend has suggested following a FODMAP diet. I already take Probiotics which help immensely. I'm finding some of the threads and posts on the thyroid community page relating to Thyroid & IBS/IBD informative as the threads and info on here.

Slippery Elm, Digestive Enzymes, Stomach Acid, Betaine HCL with Pepsin, Chaga Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Nutrigest, Glucomannan - any advice, please?

But mostly I just wanted to say hello - I'm new. 👋

Tansy 😀

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Hi Tansy

I was also diagnosed two years ago with hypothyroid. I suffer occasionly from IBS which is mostly stress related in my case though sometimes it erupts for no apparent reason.

I find probiotics the most helpful. I've never tried any of the other substances you mention. The GP prescribed meberverine which I took for a few weeks when the cramps were bad. I think low mood and anxiety is pretty much par for the course for both IBS and thyroid problems, one seems to play off the other. Walking a lot works well for me on both counts.

I found the FODMAP diet a bit tedious as well as quite disruptive to the gut. With IBS the suspect foods let me know quite quickly that my digestion is struggling so my normal diet is now just slightly modified - no onions, garlic,leeks, berries, oatcakes, only a few grapes and seeds have to be milled.

Funnily enough the time of year effects both the the thyroid symptoms and IBS - winter is worse.

As for the thyroid unless my TSH level is near zero some symptoms will keep bubbling to the surface. The current blood tests are 0.7 TSH which is O.K. Some doctors think a TSH result within a certain range is fine but fortunately my GP goes for the zero option.

I hope your doctor can offer some help with your symptoms.

Keep in touch

Regards and best wishes


When you talk to your doctor, it might be worth asking for a blood test to measure your levels of vitamin D (which I know can sometimes be low for people with underactive thyroids). Researchers at the University of Sheffield recently published some preliminary findings from a small scale study showing that vitamin D supplements for people with IBS and low vitamin D levels significantly improved their symptoms.

For more information see bmjopengastro.bmj.com/doi/f... and nhs.uk/news/2015/12December...


Actually, slight modification to my previous answer as I mis-read the article originally: they noticed a correlation between lower vitamin D and lower quality of life but weren't able to prove that vitamin D supplements improved IBS outcomes. However, this could be because of the small sample size or other experimental issues.


Hi Tansy , I am also new having joined a few months ago and besides IBS,diverticulitis ,stress , BP ,restless arms(pins and needles/cramps) and from 4 months ago -underative thyroid for which I am on levothyroxine , I find that the interactive side effects of all the different meds I take ,cause flareups of all kinds and everything interelates.I have learned by experience which foods to eat and steps to take to overcome different flares.

I pretty much get on with life and try not let the flares get me down as the ripple effect of IBS/diverticular melt down can occur at the most in-opertune moment,like when I am commuting or dealing with matters which require analysis and concentration.My GP tells me that I should chill more and not take everything so seriously and to heart - but unfortunately it is in my constitution and have suffered from gastric problems for over 40 years.

I am male aged 59 and until I found this forum ,thought I was the only one with such problems , but heartened to know I am not alone as we all seem to suffer in a similar way which I find is becoming more noticeable for me as I get older..... oh well ,back to planning how to enxtinguish my next flare!


Hello. FODMAPS is useful to many of us as a short term elimination diet to identify food triggers.

Stress and anxiety can also be triggers or exacerbate the usual symptoms.

Exercise helps me to reduce stress and move the gas out. Yoga and running both seem to do this for me.


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