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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the IBS community. Just looking for some advice. 

In 2014 I had an ultrasound scan, an MRI and a colonoscopy. All of the tests came back inconclusive as the bowel prep didn't work for any of the tests. There were possibilities of Crohn's, bowel cancer etc. They put it down to IBS simply because all tests were inconclusive. I have tried every single medication that is recommended for IBS but nothing seems to have any effect at all. 

Have been living for the pain for the past 2 years until a couple of weeks ago when the pain, sickness and diarrhoea got all too much (I'm away from home at university too so it's not the best time!). Doctor gave me some antisickness medication and Immodium to try and help. Antisickness tablets haven't had any effect at all. I'm going to the toilet to pass stools at least 3 times a day at the moment, sometimes diarrhoea and sometimes normal. Buscopan isn't having any effect either. I also get blood at least once a week, on the paper after a poo. Went to urgent care at the doctors yesterday and he seemed totally unconcerned about the whole thing and prescribed me anti-depressants. 

I can't sleep through the night because of the pain and it's really getting me down at the moment. I'm just looking for some advice. Shall I try and get the scans redone to see if they find anything? I have no idea what to do anymore!

Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to get it off my chest to people who understand! Thank you :)

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Ask for ( Calprotectin stool test ) if you have any type of inflamation it will show in this test ..ask for advanced antibodies inflammatory markers blood test  for Crohn's / Ulcerative Colitis / diverticulitis 

if both stool  and blood tests came back positive,a colonoscopy  is highly recommended to get an accurate diagnosis especially that you have blood.

To make sure the blood is not from  an internal disease, it is also important  to be examined at a rectal clinic  to  check  for piles / hemorrhoids / anal fissures / abscesses that might be causing  your blood .

have you also done the  routine stool analysis  test to  check  for  occult / hidden blood inside stool ??

This test will also check for parasites  / bacteria  / fungus yeast that might be causing an infection in the colon. 

Ask to be checked also at the same time for( C.difficile bacteria ) in stool .

blood is a red flag symptom that should Not be neglected ..so in this case it is ok to be a bit pushy with your doctor to get at least all the tests i mentioned above .

Hope this helps ..Take care 🌹

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Hi. Sounds like you're having a pretty bad time. I know what it's like to suffer with IBS whilst at uni and it's an absolute nightmare. I would suggest going back to the doctors and asking for the tests to be done again. Inconclusive doesn't really rule any of those things out. However I too have tried hundreds of different medications for IBS and very few help. Maybe also ask for painkillers for the days when it's really bad if it's affecting your daily life. Have you ruled out dairy/gluten allergies etc? Hope your doctor sorts himself out it's horrible to feel like they're not interested. Not many doctors show much care or sympathy for such a painful condition that can control people's lives!  


If you haven't already altered your diet you could try going gluten and lactose free and/or trying Fodmaps for which you can get an app.  It is from Monash University and categorises foods into green, Amber and red like traffic lights.  Eat only those marked green for around 6-8 weeks and see if you find any relief.  I have not found any medication whatsoever which helps with IBS but some people do.  It's just trial and error really.  The blood you are getting could just be caused by piles/haemoroids but would suggest you do get it checked out.


Hi there I Always carry a bottle of collis brown around with me and find it really does help me. I take 10 ml b4 I go out then if needed take another 10 ml 4 hours later also immodium instant helps me.IHave been on codeine phosphate for all of my IBS life.hope this helps really feel for you cos it's not nice having this sort of problem


Hi, first and foremost I am sorry that your doctor was what I would say 'pathetic' how dare he pass this off - it's an illness and is debilitating!  There are a lot of people on here where their lives are dictated by IBS.  You say that all of the tests you had came back inconclusive as the bowel prep you had didn't work for any of the tests.  You also said that it could possibly be Crohn's or bowel cancer - how the medical profession can leave you like this I'll never know, they should have carried out more tests.  Therefore the first thing I would do is insist on more tests.

I am into power walking and cycling and of late I have found it almost impossible to do much power walking at all as the IBS has been bad of late; I am going to try an exclusion diet but not until I come back from holiday.  I was tested for H Pylori but that came back clear - I was hoping that it wouldn't so that I could go on antibiotics to hopefully cure this disease - no such luck!

Anyway, I'm not as bad as you are and I really feel you need to be insistent with the doctor.

Best of luck and take care 


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