If you have IBS-C and have tried the FODMAPs diet, what was your experience?

Am running out of options and am wondering if the FODMAPs diet could help me.

However, all the studies about the FODMAPs diet seem to be on people with IBS-D. I can understand the mechanisms for that - fermentable carbs are food for gut bacteria, creating gas and rapid transit.

I can't understand how lwo FODMAPs might help with IBS-C. I also reckon there is a real chance that removing fermentable carbs could slow down transit and actually make constipation worse.

Does anyone have any experience?

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  • Hi Poing,

    Yes I have had IBS-C for many years and the FODMAP diet along with a good probiotic, really helps. I can go to the loo normally some times, but if I eat any FODMAP foods I get the constipation and bloating back and some times takes a couple of weeks

    to get nearly normal again. It is hard to keep to the diet as I enjoy my food, but I think it is well worth trying.

  • I hAvenever heard of the fodmap diet could somebody please tell me about it?

  • FODMAP along with probiotics, aloevera juice, and Sweetish Bitters have helped tremendously.

    (FODMAP=Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols)

    FODMAPs are carbohydrates (sugars) that are found in foods. Not all carbohydrates

    are considered FODMAPs.

    FODMAPs are osmotic (means they pull water into the intestinal tract), may not be

    digested or absorbed well and could be fermented upon by bacteria in the intestinal

    tract when eaten in excess.


  • Last nightI had a meet with a consultant gastroenterologist because I have had severe constipation for the last several weeks to the point that I felt that my bowel would stop all together .i have had IBS C type symptoms for many years but ,despite numerous procedures and tests never had a definitive diagnosis of IBS .thinking my worsening constipation was yet another manifestation of my IBSC type symptoms I consulted a nutrionist about 4 weeks ago and as a result started low FODMAPS . No improvement occurred and infact my constipation became much worse ,thus a trip to my GP and referral to a gastro consultant .He told me that yes FODMAPS does what it says on the tin but it also reduces bowel liquid content by 20 percent so if you have regular constipation ,for what ever reason ,IBS or Any other reason FODMAPS will make that constipation worse.

    Hope that is useful folks . For my part the gastro thinks my current symptoms are the result of a large intestine stricture or narrowing which is ,apparently common ,and most likely something called diverticular stricture .Any how I am booked for a CTscan next week which will reveal all .Finhers crossed .

  • Thanks. It sounds like my caution around FODMAPs is not completely unfounded.

  • Hi,,,, how did the CTscan go??

  • I have researched a lot about FODMAPS since I started it and had not discovered this aspect of the diet in the literature so far .He also said that FODMAPS tends to reduce levels of fibre which is counter productive for constipation problems .

  • I've just remembered something else he said or actually my wife remembered and that was taking probiotics while on FODMAPS was a bit illogical as the purpose of the diet is to kill bacteria so adding more by supplementation seems about counter productive .cheers

  • Yes, my thoughts also... although I guess it depends whether the excess of bacteria is from pathogenic strains or just the regular inhabitants in large numbers. Probiotics are quite hit and miss!

    I've heard that probiotics should be viewed as immune modulators rather than to seed the digestive tract... they usually don't set up permanent residence, but just pass through.

  • Do you think there's a way to do FODMAPs and keep the intake of dietary fibre high?

  • Yes. All lettuce, yellow & red pepoers, seeds, walnuts, pecans, bananas, kiwi, strawberries & many more fruits & veggies are low fodmap. Quite easy to get your daily fibre intake!

  • FODMAP diet, plus aloe vera juice, probiotics, Sweetish Bitters...all better now.

  • Are you still better?? hope you are :)

  • Well I suppose upping the limited high fibre FODMAPS veg might be an option but pretty boring and or using a high fibre stool bulking product with the diet .i am really shooting in the dark here so perhaps an e mail to the Monash team might get a useful view .They must know about the liquid reduction and reduced fibre possibility and probably have an answer .

  • I am following the Fodmaps diet and taking linseed aka flax daily (1 tsp at the moment) and this has had a positive impact. I have IBS-C and am regular now and have less gas...now just need to work on the pain. On the recommendation of my NHS dietitian I am now taking a single strain probiotic. I did some research and decided on B. Infantis 35624 aka Align...I'm in the first week so watch this space. Research here google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j...

    Tummypain: check out the Monash website med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/...

  • Thanks. I was looking at Align just yesterday as it happens. I think I might ask my doctor for a prescription.

  • Hows it going??

  • how is it going? i have only started fodmap and i have ibs -C

  • Hi, Linda: I stopped taking Align last month & haven't suffered any ill effects. I no longer have toast at breakfast but have muesli with fresh fruit & milk. Constipation no longer a problem but still suffer pain though not as often. I avoid onion & garlic & all pulses. I try restrict wheat products to once a day if that. High Fodmap foods I limit but don't avoid. Basically the fresher the better... I avoid processed foods. Trial & error as what works for one of us doesn't work for all. Good luck with the process of elimination.

  • Thanks krusty!

    would you avoid processed foods like cornflakes?

    I've only been on this fodmap diet for a few day but so far I feel no relief pain wise or constipation? does it take a while to work?, i really hope it will work for me i am only 15 and i don't want this constant pain/constipation for the rest of my life!

    thanks again

  • I'm really trying. I also have PD. I FINALLY got my appointment yesterday with nutritionist and when I got there, the appointment makers had not got around to letting me know my appointment was CANCELLED because doctor on jury duty! Can you believe it? Every health practitioner has a reminder system. Boo. Anyway back to topic--through following low FODMAPs I avoid pain but it seems to be a little binding (like glucose free was a LOT binding). So I'm compromising between some pain and some constipation.

  • I had some stool tests done a while ago, the results were not too bad. I did not have a high amount of bad bacteria, but lacking in good, hence now taking probiotics. Before I started cutting out the FODMAPS, my constipation was so bad that I had to have several colonics. I only use the FODMAP diet to help my symptoms, not to reduce bad bacteria. We are all different, but if I keep to the diet, my constipation and bloating is much improved.

  • Okay, so I'm late to the party here, sorry, just joined. I currently suffer from IBS-C and have been on the Low FODMAP diet for a little over a month now and I can tell you it has made a wonderful difference. I am not "cured" but so much more comfortable. If you are doubting about the Low FODMAP Diet and IBS-C then you might be getting (or believing) misinformation. Or you may be getting advice from someone who is misinformed. I have been following Patsy Cotsos book IBS Free at Last. Here is what she has to say about IBS-C and Low FODMAP: ibsfree.net/ibsfree_at_last...

  • Hi kidzndogs could you tell me if you can get Patsy Catsos books In England as I've just looked on Amazon and it's in dollars. I hope you don't think me stupid but I'm quite new to the internet.

  • Also I have been on a Fodmap diet before without much luck so I would like to give this a try

  • When on FODMAP diet sprinkle ground or unground linseed on one meal a day. Recommended by my dietician although I have also increased my fruit intake too and all going well. I have IBS-C.

  • I have been using the FODMAP diet for a few weeks, along with MiraLax and Benefiber and have been drinking keifer daily and I have found zero help with my symptoms. I am actually diagnosed with IBS-A and there is unfortunately no change for the better. My next step is to try Linzess because my GI stated that sometimes that can have an effect when Miralax doesn't work.

    For more information on the FODMAP Diet try these... stanfordhospital.org/digest... and ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fo...

  • Hi Katb I was recommended Keifer but I can't find it anywhere.Where do you get it from.

  • Yes...I have IBS C and FODMAP has been a godsend. Also take probiotics, aloe vera juice, and Sweetish Bitters. 99% better. Also did a 21 day cleanse with Standard Process products and it truly was a miracle. No more excruciating pain, discomfort, and the big C. Best Wishes. B.E.A.

  • What is Sweetish Bitters?

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