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Hey. I'm new here. I'm relatively new to IBS, too, as I see posts about decades-long struggles. I was diagnosed four years ago after two ER visits in a week with sharp, very specific lower right pain. All tests showed no appendix issues so after some killer pain meds I was sent home.

Since then I regularly get sharp lower right pain/cramps. It curls me in the fetal position in pain. No medication over the counter or prescribed relieves it.

I loosely follow the FODMAP diet and have narrowed down quite a few foods that are triggers. I know my biggest trigger is high fructose corn syrup and that can shut me down for days.

Recently I had trail mix and discovered raisins and my colon aren't going to cooperate. I spent over a week with 15 rush-to-a-toilet episodes a day leaving me completely exhausted, with a sore bum and really down emotionally.

I've gone through three GI doctors in 4 years. They aren't helping.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get support from this community, ideas on foods and whatnot.

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  • I am new to the community. I am 65, and have been dealing with IBS (D and C) since in my 20's. I am looking for some natural remedies. It has become very hot and humid where I am. I have been experiencing frequent bowel movements in the morning. Can the weather be a problem ? Has anyone else experienced this problem ?

  • Is there something you consume only in the morning? I know breakfast is tough with coffee and fruits.

  • Have you tried taking fybogel - after breakfast? It can stop the urgency and keep everything flowing nicely. I have read a lot of people mentioning the heat - and my particular episode occurred when it was very hot - so maybe it is a factor! Good luck!

  • Does other corn bug you? As an additive, as corn starch etc? Because it's in so many foods.

    Also, FODMAPS is worth giving one serious, horrible effort at for an elimination diet. I found without committing fully I was having problems finding triggers - sounds like you've had success though.

    Stress can be a major trigger for some folks as well.

  • Hi runswithdogs I seem to do okay with other corn, even corn syrup (just not the high fructose kind).

    FODMAP has been a life-saving diet for me. I stripped out everything based on it then slowly added certain common foods for me back in.

    My job isn't stressful and life at home is happy. I know stress instigates flares and I watch for that.

  • I recommend fybogel - this helps stop the urgency! buscopan may help the pain if its because of intestinal cramping? Or if the pain is from severe bloating then hot water or mint tea can help, and trying to make sure your meals are based around soluble fibres such as rice, porridge or bananas - this may help ? In regards to the severe pain i havent experienced anything quite like this - have you been tested for Celiac or crohns disease? If you haven't it might be worth a check if the pains are very severe! I hope you feel better soon!

  • Thanks MinaFox. I've been tested for celiac but not crohns. I have a few questions for my doc next month!

  • Hi, I can sympathise with you, do you only suffer from D or C also? I have Bile Acid malabsorption, it took years of tests and the incorrect diagnosis of ibs. Have a read on the Internet and see if it sounds like your symptoms, I was in absolute agony with cramps, but with the correct medication I'm finally pain free. Hope you get some help soon.

  • Hello justmejkt, i know your pain i to have been diagnosed with i.b.s. witch fluctuated between constipation and diarea. i also had those same urgancies which constantly made a day at work a nightmare as i didn't always have ready access to a restroom. I was diagnosed i.b.s but went for a second opinion and they found i also had c-difficile bacteria infection. this bacteria is attacked by your imune system which also kills off the good "gut" bacteria. After going thru months of anti-biotics i was finally free from the infection and thought thank god i'm finally going to feel better. Well that didn't happen as i still had gut pain and constant urgancies. my doctor insisted that it was I.B.S but i refused to believe it as my gut was normal before the infection. As i found out thru research in trying different food/drink i noticed one food group was always at the top of my flare ups. It was dairy products with lactose. so i "COMPLETELY" eliminated any dairy from my diet and within a week i was feeling way better. The urgancy went away and i was finally having normal bowel movements. So i looked it up and found that lactose intolerance is when your bowel stops producing lactase which digests lactose into sugars which then go into your blood stream. Being intolerant leaves the lactose in your bowel which then ferments producing gas causing bloating, pain, and that terrible constant urgancy. There still may be other triggers like cornsyrup as i believe it is bad for you anyways and maybe good not to consume it. I really hopes this helps you out and just to say your not alone and your not disfunctional your just human as we all are and that there is people out here who care and understand. good luck

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