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Disgusted and depressed

Ok, here goes...

Have been having a flare up for 3 yrs now. Colonoscopy negative. Been on fodmap, gluten free, lactose free..nothing helps except not to eat. The pain in abdomen, back,thigh, pelvis is severe. Cannot function until about2pm..by then all meds are in my system: hyoscyamine, lomotil, donnatol, bentyl. Was on cholestyramine for a year until dentin on front teeth wore off and paid 1500 dollars for fix. This did help though with the diarrhea. Pain was still there though. Now depression is setting in. Any thoughts? I will try anything!

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I an going tough the same issues you are, I have Sent a message you way :)


Hi iam sure you have had much advice over the years! I have really stabilised terrible stomach and bowel issues. Went on every drug amagineable and doctors and specialists who could not ger it right. Here goes garlic and parsley tablets from a health shop, 2 a day. 1 good probiotic every day for at least a month. No fat, no meat no chicken and no raw Veges. I have egg and toast for breakfast. Thick soup and crackers one example for lunch or leftovers. Cooked Veges and fish for dinner. After a time you will be able to slowly introduce some of this. Worth a try. Wishing you well.


Sorry your feeling so bad, I can relate to the no eating part, done this for years, lived on crackers, with a bit of fish on them, I agree with Denvajade . I cut out all meat and fats and am now a Pescatarian . But rather than sit down to 3 meals a day I graze, little and often this works for me, as as we know everyone is different . I also take Omega 3 fish oil 1360mg, they work as a muscle relaxant and this has helped me, along with my diet. If you can try and keep a diary of what is triggering your IBS and omit it for a while, then maybe try again later down the line and if it still affects you, you know that's one thing you must not eat. Long hard road, and I wish you all the luck in finding your triggers, and wish you well.


Symptoms similar to my husbands play safe and get your prostate checked out. Good Luck and wish you well soon.


I am so sorry what you are going through.


I have all of this, it's so depressing and I totally understand how you feel. Have you tried counselling? Had a coeliac test?


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