Slow transit constipation and bowel surgery

I have suffered with bowel problems for years. 9 years ago I got diagnosed with an under active thyroid and started taking lethrothyroxine which made my bowels work better for a few years.

3 years ago I had such horrific tummy pain I got rushed to hospital and an X Ray confirmed I had volvolus (my bowel had folded over itself due to severe constipation) I was given a truck load of laxatives and kept in hospital for a few days. Over the next 2 years things got worse and I was in hospital every 6 to 8 weeks for a week at a time on Iv fluids, morphine and an NG tube. I had every test and scan going and was finally diagnosed with slow transit constipation which means the nerves and muscles in my bowel don't work properly. My bowel was very long, loose and floppy due to years of severe constipation. Finally last year after being rushed back in I had a 5 hour operation to remove 1/3 of my large bowel. I was in hospital for 2 weeks but have not been back in since. I am now gluten, dairy and soya free and take 2 laxido drinks a day. I had to push so much to get the Drs to listen me even though I was in severe pain. Does anyone else on her have slow transit constipation? I had to have a shape study test to diagnose it. Also has anyone else had some of their large bowel removed due to poor function?

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  • I have slow transit time constipation. People don't realise how debalitating it is. I swallowed 3 capsules and was diagnosed. I've sort of trained my bowel by eating small and outer. It's very debalatating. Stick with it

  • What do you mean swallowed 3 capsules and was diagnosed. I have heard you can swallow a small camera device but have not done that. I am just so tired of spending money doing test and Dr.'s look at me like I am stupid or don't believe me or something. It is very debilitating. I eat small meals, no cheese and no milk and nothing I think will make it worse. I used to take RX laxatives and they helped somewhat but now since my insurance at work changed they cost about $400 a month and I am not going to pay that. Sorry to rant. I have been dealing with this for about 6 years.

  • I have been dealing with severe constipation for years as well. No one can figure it out and I am done spending money with Dr.'s trying to find out. I have read about slow transit constipation and I think that is my issue but no Dr. has confirmed that. I eat laxatives like they are candy so I can go and I am so tired of it but what else can I do.

  • It's a test for transit times

  • Are u in america

  • I'm in the uk. I had to swallow 2 tablets a day for 3 days the have an X-ray on the 5th day to see where the shapes that were in the tablets had got to. I had to stop taking my laxatives 5 days before I took the tablet until after the X-ray which was awful. Before my surgery I was taking linzess 250 which is really expensive, magnesium hydroxide and 4 laxido a day and still getting bowel obstruction. I'm now just on 2 laxido a day. I do still get discomfort sometimes but nothing like I was getting before. Google shape marker bowel test. X

  • I had the same test as you it is called a Proctogram. I also have slow transit and other problems. I was prescribed a new drug called Prucalopride. It worked but expensive as o paid privately. You should be able to get on nhs if you have a severe problem like yours. Now the best thing is to take high doses of magnesium citrate or oxide about 800 to 1200mg at night on empty stomach with lots of water. If I don't take it I don't go. Give it a try. There is also magnesium products for colon called Oxypowder, mag07 and Colosan. You can find them on Amazon or health shop or Finchley clinic. These have been amazing. The laxido type laxatives don't work for me as they make me bloated.

  • Pleased your doing ok. What other problems do you have? I think my thyriod problems have made my bowel problems worse. I do quite well as I still work full time at a school and part time

    In the evening at Tesco. You do just have to get on with it no matter what.

  • I have slow colonic transit confirmed by the markers you swallow and they track them. After 72 hours most of them were not through my intestines. I have had chronic constipation for years and subsequent rectal prolapse from straining to empty. I am now looking at using softeners/movicol/diet to help me pass BMs more easily.

  • I have found being gluten, dairy and soya free has helped and is also a good diet to be on with a thyroid condition. I just have 2 laxido drinks a day now. I can't eat to much or drink to much booze either. Best of luck.

  • I've got slow transit and anismus for years I was on 10 senna a day + enemas + anal irrigation.... I was offered total colectomy then they diagnosed the anismus n changed their minds and gave me resolor tablet so I now use resolor ( prucalopride) + 4 senna + anal irrigation and enemas.... I hate life! I barley eat now because food is pain it bloats me then I'm in agony n either sick with the agony or become comstipated when it attempts to digest, I have the blandest diet known to man, I pretty much am incontinent once my bowel does work because my muscles in my butt don't work as they should so I end up a mess if I can't get to a toilet quick enough and I've lost countless jobs now because of this but GPs don't care! It's ok for them they prob poo like clock work! I'd bigged myself up for the total colectomy if I'm honest I was ready to be free from pooing myself and free to work and excersise and not worry but it was all taken away because some doctors agreed it was right and others didn't so I'm now left the same as I have been the last 15 years no further forward. I've never even been given a colonoscopy yet my symptoms get so severe I pass out often but they don't care. For any one starting out with this problem I'd say don't build up any hopes with the NHS they don't care and if you have money which I don't but wish I did go private!

  • Poor you. You have been treated really badly. I would demand to go back and see a colorectal surgeon to re discuss surgery. Sounds like it will be the only thing to give you back a quality of life.

    I was in hospital so much with bowel obstruction. 15 times in 2 years for at least a week at a time that in the end they had to do something. I was messed around for a year before my surgery with different surgeons saying different things. They also found a 10cm fibroid in my womb which colorectal said was causing the problem but gynae didn't agree. Where do you live and what specialists are you under. If I were you and you don't get anywhere with your GP I would go to A&E when you are really bad and get admitted to a ward. They will soon get fed up of you and hopefully offer you surgery.

    Sending you a hug and hope you get some help soon xx

  • I have had slow transit Bowel for 15-20 years and managed 3years ago to get a great team to treat me. I have tried FODMAP diet which helped but still in pain and constipated. I have just had surgery as you did for the baggy Bowel and they gave repaired with mesh . I am 2weeks post op and doing ok but not had Bowel movement I am taking so many laxatives I cannot believe but the Consultant does not want me yo use enemas or suppositories. Any idea what I can do????

  • Did you have a section of your bowel removed? I didn't go for 8 days after my surgery and was in hospital for 2 weeks. I would speak to your surgeon and see what they suggest. Hope your surgery makes you feel better

  • Hi, I had emergency bowel surgery a few weeks back - it was twisted bowel and they removed that section. After 2 weeks in hospital I was discharged. My stomach was so swollen nearly 2 weeks later (I looked 6 months pregnant). I am now back in hospital and after a scan have been told I'm badly constipated and have slow transit constipation - been given an enema and can only go home when all cleared out! Have to come back in 2 weeks for a further X-ray and if still not functioning properly then may have to consider surgery to remove colon! This terrifies me! Has anyone got any methods they use to get the bowel working and prevent constipation? Has anyone tried colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy? Do these help?

    Getting very scared! ☹️

    Lisa x

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