Coeliac and IBS

Hi I,m new to this so please be patient, I have coeliac disease and have been gluten free for almost three years, I have recently been suffering with pain in my lower abdomen (worse at night) Since January I have seen three doctors had blood tests urine tests stool sample taken and a prostate examination and have came came back as normal,

However the pain is getting worse could it be IBS ? none of the doctors have suggested this to me, I,m not sleeping as I,m worried sick, I think I,m now suffering with depression.

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  • Sorry to hear this. Where exactly is the pain? Left or right side? Below, level with navel? Any other symptoms? Constipation? Pain anywhere else?

  • Hello lbsr, thanks for the reply, Pain under navel slightly to the left side, no constipation and no dihorrea, going to the toilet once a day other pain,

  • Hello Kerrym212, - thanks for the reply, I do still eat dairy at the moment, perhaps its worth me cutting out all dairy products for a while, I have today had more blood test results back from my GP, all tests normal, blood count is fine and Kidney and liver functions all normal, I am waiting for a gastroenterologist appointment to come though.

  • Once you get to the gastro, they will do further tests. In the mean time there is some stuff on the web about 'valves' between stomach/ small intestine and small intestine/ large intestine that get stuck and cause pain...a kinesiologist will be able to help you find out if this is your issue or not and can also correct it. Worth bearing in mind is the gastro finds nothing as he will not be trained in this.

  • Hello Kerrym212, Thank you both for your tips, I will give anything a try as its starting to affect my mental health.

  • Hi Kerrym212, thank you very much for all of your tips its really appricated, I will give them all a try,

    I try not to eat after about 7.00pm and go to bed about 11.00ish normally, I now dread the thought of going to bed as I know I,m going to have pain and no sleep, I really am at my wits end, I have a doctors appointment on Friday morning I hope I canarrange to see a gasto shortly even if I have to pay fo a private consultation. I keep thinking I have cancer of some sort, The three doctors who exmained me over the past few weeks don,t seem to concerned.

  • Hi, Thanks again for your reply, all three doctors did the proding test around my lower abdomen and just below my breastbone, the last one must hve poked his fingers under my ribcage to check my liver I assume, blimy that hurt a bit, and checked my prostate, again he said as far as he was concerned there was nothing to worry about,

    Yo have a good point about the products I use, I eat Glutafin bread from the doctors along with pasta, biscuits and flour mix, thankfully I get them all on prescription and as I live in Wales prescriptions are free, I have started recently eating Gluten free oats from the major supermarkets, I wonder if the oats are 100% gluten free, I will stay off the oats for a few days.

    I will try a few f your suggestions and see how things go, thanks for your help.

  • Some great advice. BUT....

    Be very careful with Glutamine. Depending on the type you buy it can be in the form of Wheat Peptides (or be otherwise wheat derived). Pretty pointless eating gluten free and then taking the primary problem causer in concentrated form!!


  • Just realised the original post was over a year ago...oops. Glad to see you're still active.

  • Still suffering with lower abdomen pain, visited GP again last week for results of more blood tests, once again came back normal, went through all of my symptoms with doctor once again and then another examination of lower tummy area, And same answer from Doctor unable to find anything wrong, I even asked if I could pay to see the Gastroenterologist, GP told me not to waste my money (£150.00), as I would be told the same thing. the doctor as good as told me its all in my mind, I,m not sleeping and off my food, I have lost weight also.

    I don,t know what to do next .any advise would be great thank you.

  • I have been waking up every morning with lower stomach feeling tight and painful, almost as if I've been holding my bladder too long during the night, even though I have to get up during the night to urinate. Saw a bladder specialist a couple of years ago and they couldn't find anything wrong. Recently been diagnosed with ibs and have been off gluten for four weeks, cut down on dairy (have lactose free). But still wake with stomach pain. Eases as the morning goes on but who knows what it is. Fed up with going to doc as just feel like hypochondriac. . Also I get pain between my shoulder blades, I think this may be the omerprazole I took for 3 months but stopped them about a month ago. Bowel movements mote normal since going gluten free even tjough blood test for colieac was normal. I hope you found some relief. ..

  • Hello s-unrise, thanks for the reply, its be a while since I posted my message, since posting I have been examined by the Gastro, had another colonoscopy and an ultrasound scan, all came back normal except I have a large Fibromuscular Polyp in my lower bowel that needs to be removed, picked up during colonoscopy due to have it removed early next month, still getting pain in lower abdomen feels like its just under the skin, still don,t know what is causing it.

  • Hello all, since my last posting I have had the polyp removed and thankfully all is normal, I have also had my annual chat with the gastroenterologist, again I mentioned the pain under my navel, after checking through my records he again sted that there is no physical problem, and either the pain is from stress or posture, send me for blood tests again, this was late November heard nothing from the hospital so I assume all is normal, However as I write this posting the pain from my lower abdomen is now worse than ever, constant nagging ache when runs from just under the left of my navel almost around to my back, I have no weight loss, I eat as normal and I normally use the toilet once a day, I have recently Been fitting a new kitchen in my house and have had several problems along the way which have been quite sressfull, sometimes I think I must be imagining the pain am I going mad, can anyone help.

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