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Ive had ibs prob since i was 5-6 years old but being 45 it was never diagnosed it was just “ oh she got a sensitive belly”.

It has got worse over last year or two, where the pain cripples me if i eat something i shouldnt, i lay there hours in pain sweating and doubled up until eventually i start 💩💩💩then i will start to feel okish but sore for about 48 hours.

I have given up gluten,processed foods, dairy, yeast and im generally symptom free but today i woke up at 4 thought i was dying the pain in my left side groin area was horrific.

Now what i want to know is what people suggest for that pain?? Buscopan or mebervine and how do i take it when it happens or all time? As it only happens once in about 6 months.

It also gets worse when on my period

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Buscot an probly is the best optips lulububs. You can take them daily forever of you want.x


Buscupan helps when your bowel goes into a spasm. Thats how the doc at hospital described the pain, like the cramp in your leg only its in your bowel. Buscupan eases that.

Mebeverine helps with windy issues.

Thats what I've found anyway. Hope it helps.

Tell me if I'm wrong but my understanding was that buscopan and mebevrine were the same thing only different brands/manufacturers?

Barnclown in reply to pajohns

Good point...i just researched the diff, and here is the best info i found:

The Buscopan (Butylscopolamine) is a semi-synthetic derivative of Scopolamine, a natural substance also used in medicine. It is an antispasmodic (stops intestinal spasms).

Mebeverine is very similar. It is synthetic but derived from scopolamine but, in addition to its antispasmodic effects, it inhibits calcium-depot replenishment.

The Mebeverine has two actions and Buscopan only one.

I would recommend the Mebeverine. It tends to work better but everyone is different so Buscopan might be a better drug.


I am a medical student with a specialist degree (Hons. BSc) in Pharmacology with a focus on psychopharmacology. I have interned under two psychiatrists and one neurologist. In addition I have worked as a pharmacy assistant.

Barnclown in reply to Barnclown

Here is the link to that info:


Lulububs in reply to Barnclown

Thanku barnclown.

Wow u must know ur drugs lol...

This ibs is a absolute mindmess, im new to it all and have seemed to keep it at bay till weekend when i think i just ate to much red meat.

And food lol.

I generally eat little and often so as not to clog the digestive system but i was so hungry

Hi. I have found that buscopan helps the best with pain. I take it when I am having a bad episode and for a few days afterwards . I don't want to stay on it continuously so as soon as everything has settled down i come off it altogether until the next bad episode.x

Lulububs in reply to Purpletara


Thanks guys for ur help

It may be too mild to help with such strong symptoms, but I stopped using Buscopan and now use Colpermin every day, taking one capsule first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

As it’s ‘only’ peppermint oil, I believe you can take it at higher doses and more frequently. I just preferred it to a more ‘chemical’ option.

Apologies if you’ve already tried Colpermin and found it doesn’t work.

If its only every 6 months i would just take a normal pain killer like paracetomol or asprin. I do when really bad, but mine once a month or so.

My xoctor told me when you feel it coming on take 1 x Buscopan and 1 x Merbeverine, 1 x Windsettler and if really bad I take 2 paracetamol as well.. Go lie down with a hot water bottle. Eases off in a couple of hours, Please check this with your doctor as everyone is different. Hope this helps!

Lulububs in reply to Dolly59

Ok dolly

Thats basically what i do minus the buscopan and mebervine , i never knew which one to take? So today went and brought both. I did just reach for some peptobismol and that helped.

I know i just have to get back on top of it... i am gluten and dairy and processed food free but i used to eat little meals now they’ve got bigger and i think my body finding it hard to digest the amount of food i eat( it not big but defo bigger then was).

So back to little and often and lots of water to flush colon through and hopefully no more attacks as that was awful, i forgot how bad they were

As for me. Buscopan really helps each time am having that horrible feeling. It's relaxes the whole nerves. But my doctor adviced me not to take it if I don't have any symptom. Better to ask from your doctor first. All the best

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