Help please, my usual go to food of rice and chicken gave me bad stomach pains last night!

I'm new to this site so still finding my way around. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago after a bout of diarrhoea and a normal colonoscopy and it hadn't been too bad until last year when I had my gallbladder removed. A few days later the IBS flared up and has been pretty bad ever since then.

In August I was taken into hospital with suspected Diverticulitis having passed out twice. I was badly dehydrated and my blood pressure was low. It turned out to be colitis of the left colon but they never discovered what caused it so could have been Ischeamic or ulcerative. I was in hospital for a week and was told to eat rice as it heals the bowel, a little bit and often, which was fine because rice and chicken have been my basic diet since last August. Since then I have been managing the symptoms, sore abdomen, bloating, wind, constipation with occasional bouts of diarrhoea, by adding veggies to the rice and dried fruit to rice Krispies.

Last week I was having terrible cramp in my abdomen for which the doctor gave me Buscopan which I have been taking ever since. I have carrot and swede mash with my tea but on Thursday I tried adding a few veg to my lunchtime rice and chicken which I had been tolerating fine until then, carrots, peas & sweetcorn. After lunch I had a few pains in my abdomen but nothing much. I had my usual tea and had pains again. Since then I have been in pain most of the time although I have stuck to chicken & rice. Last night after tea the pain was really bad and I wondered if it was the Buscopan so I didn't take last night's dose.

This morning I woke up with terrible pain in my abdomen and back. Lots of wind but nothing else. I took my usual cocktail of meds for Fibromyalgia etc, Co-codamol, Buscopan, 2 Antihistamines & Lansoprazole and the pain eased a lot. Since I started writing this I have had diarrhoea too. Now I don't know what to have for my breakfast. I usually have rice Krispies with Raisins but scared to eat in case the pain gets bad again but not eating makes it worse too and I know the advice is not to stop eating.

Sorry for the long post. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hi,Try eating just the Rice Krispies if you've got diarrhoea ,the raisins will make you go again. Another suggestion is don't eat sweat corn or peas anything with shells is a bad idea if you have a sensitive Tum in any way. Also if you've had D this morning stick with foods to bind you.

  • Hi there-sorry you're having so many problems. Pain is a huge thing for me and rice is my worst trigger, if I were to eat a spoonful of rice right now I would be in hospital within the hour! Sadly, rice/rice starch/rice flour is in so many foods due to it being a cheap filler and cheap replacement for gluten so I struggle to find rice free foods. I hope you find a solution but please consider that rice could be contributing to your issues. There is new research that shows unless you are have been formally diagnosed with gluten intolerance through blood tests/biopsies then gluten is safe to eat (as I said, coeliacs excepted) so please don't be scared of it-sadly it seems the latest fashion to avoid it when it is not dangerous for most people.

  • I've tried porridge albeit it with milk and it gives me terrible wind. Could be the milk though.

  • Porridge can 'sometimes' upset me!!!!, and have tried diff types of milk, n now back on semi skim!!!!!!!

  • I agree with both Gemini and whiteladder in that your diet is an issue here. I cannot tolerate rice which gives me even more problems than wheat, barley and rye.

    I suggest that for breakfast you try plain porridge made with lactose-free milk and replace rice with potatoes for your main meal.

    Forget about fruit and veg for a few days, it won't kill you and, in the meantime, have a look at the low-FODMAP diet which works for a lot of us on here including me.

    Here's the link:

    There's an excellent app available on the site which only costs about £6.

    I also suggest you read through some of the posts on this site as there's lots of useful info out there.


  • I have downloaded the app onto my tablet so have masses of information to work through. I have been reading the posts on here as you suggested and I'm finding them really useful so thanks for the heads-up on that too.

  • I agree, definitely try leaving out the rice. It was always my 'safe' food too, then suddenly my tummy didn't tolerate it well. Potatoes seem kinder with me and gluten free cornflakes (Nestle) with lactose free milk. Also, chicken can make my bloating and wind worse, thus more pain. Really hope you find some relief soon!

  • Porridge and compote

    Find buscopan gives intense pain before easing the spasms so gave up

    Carrots and swedes too much root veg

  • I agree get the FODMAP app and go from there. It changed my life hope it changes yours

  • Thank you to everyone for your responses. I have downloaded the Fodmap app from Monash University so have lots to learn just now.

    I have seen a Dr this morning and asked about help to manage my diet but was told that I don't fit the criteria for referral to a dietitian.

    Since I have all sorts of allergies I asked about getting tested for food allergies and was told that there is no allergy testing anymore. She did say that she would find out what I could be tested for and put me down for a test for Caeliacs. By the time I went in to see the nurse for my regular blood tests she had added a test to go to immunology for just about everything you could imagine eg: eggs, milk, garlic, onion, Caeliacs, gluten etc, etc. There was a whole page of stuff listed. So now have to wait for the results. Probably turn out to not allergic to anything (Lol) but at least I'll know which gives me a place to start. Meanwhile I suppose I have the perfect opportunity to discover what affects me and what doesn't as I'm starting from scratch.

    Thanks again for all your advice it's very much appreciated. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Now have to decide what food to buy!?!

  • Have you had results????

  • RICE KRISPIES, are a 'no no' for me :( and a few other cereals, which I love!!!!!!!!

    In fact sometimes,,,,,,,,, any food upsets my tum D, don't think I can say a DEFINITE FOOD to eat :( soooooo, as a last resort I reach for the 'CHOC' , BUT AM TRYING MY VERY, VERY BEST TO GIVE UP FOR A WEEK or two!!!!!!

  • That seems to be where I'm at just now everything I eat seems to give me terrible abdominal pain. I'm trying the Fodmap diet but getting pain whatever I eat. I'm thinking I might as well eat whatever as they're all having the same result. I've got a fancy for chocolate myself now!

  • No not heard anything yet. The Dr said that the coeliac test would take 2 weeks and since the allergy ones are going to the same place I presume they will be the same. I'll let you know when I get them if you like.

    I've got a problem with my kidney function now too! Joy!

  • I have to have kidney, etc tests every 3 month, as am on Lithium for Bipolar!!!,, was wondering whether to see doc to change my Anti D????, as I read on here that Fluoxatine could excabate D :(

    hope you sort ya kidney problem!!

    Just been on Monash site n it said not to eat,,, carob powder, as high in oligas (fructans),, n higher than cocoa powder!!!!

    All I want for Halloween, Christmas, Easter is choc :) :) :)

  • I have been having my kidney and liver function checked every 3 months for a while too because I'm on tablets for high blood pressure. But after last week's one the Dr wants it repeated this week so assuming it's worse than it has been. Have to wait and see what she says.

    I kicked the chocolate habit a few years ago while I was trying to lose weight. Now I find that if I eat some I want more and more and if I don't have any I get quite panicky so defo something to stay off for me.

    Sometimes a little bit of something you fancy is worth the pay back!

  • I am the same way with choco and so is almost everyone I know who eats it gets the same response. Can absolutely never each just a lttle or 1 peice. I read it sets off the same neuro trasmitters for cravings like for drugs or alcohol who would have thought but there has to be something to that

  • SORRY, if I have set you off for choc :( but watch this space, am trying to find alternative :) (yes, I have seen pigs flying)!!!!!!

    I am now going to investigate FODMAP, on link on here!!

  • Well today I got the results of my food allergy tests and they were all negative! I'm glad I don't have food allergies but I'm a bit confused as to the reactions I've been getting from soya milk which was instant D. From all that I've been reading reactions from intolerance don't happen that fast. I need to find out whether soya was one of the things they tested for but can't imagine they would have left that out as it's one of the major ones. Does anyone know if an intolerance reaction can be that fast.

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