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Hi would really be grateful for any advice. Ive recently been diagnosed with Ibs, had it for years, but it's getting worse, 8 days ago I had a bad flare up, excruciating pain and diarrhoea for a few hours. Since then I've had pain around ribs like an uncomfortable hug, it then moved to lower back and now on right hand side and under ribs. I've took windeze thinking it was trapped wind. No let up. I'm constantly bloated and so lethargic.

Cant get doc apt for another week. I'm going to toilet without any problems and can eat no problem. Just constant dull pain, which occasionally can be sharp for over a week. I also have fibromyalgia, which has been great lately. Not sure if all connected. Or individual problem with my abdomen area. I am also taking buscopan

I would be grateful for any advice as it's really getting me down. Thank you

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  • Hi,

    A couple of questions for you first: did your GP/consultant do blood tests, colonoscopy etc before arriving at the IBS diagnosis? Have you tried any food elimination processes to see if what you're eating makes your symptoms worse?


  • Hi Rosie

    I only got the doctor on the phone and she said it sounds like Ibs, I've always suffered with nervous tummy all my life. If I eat certain foods such as coleslaw or mayo based I'm so ill, fast. Huge bloating tummy, instant diarrhoea. Also if I over eat even a little I'm in agony and have little time for the toilet. I am so weary and down about my tummy. I hopefully will get tests when I see a doctor. Like I said I called them last week and the nearest apt I could get was 12 day wait

    To be completely honest I don't know what is wrong with me, I am going by the docs telephone call when I described my symptoms.

    It's like a viscous circle the more I worry the worse my tummy gets. I won't go out with my husband for meals or even going anywhere in case my tummy plays up.

    I've started a food diary.

    I'm looking at so many health websites I am fearful, but I am also fearful of docs not taking me seriously as they did with my pain with fibromyalgia.


  • I think you've got to wait to have some tests done before you can really get to grips with your symptoms. IBS is a diagnosis of last resort and is only given when all other possible causes have been ruled out. Ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist who will have a much better understanding of your problems. You'll almost certainly need blood tests and a colonoscopy or scan.

    If you do eventually get stuck with an IBS label, it's true that a lot of doctors are pretty dismissive of the condition and next to useless when it comes to providing support. However, people on this forum are immensely helpful and will be able to give you a lot of ideas to try out, particularly with regard to food.

    Keeping a food diary in the meantime is a great idea, but you'll have to be meticulous about it and keep away from processed foods as they contain all sorts of junk.

    The usual suspects in cases of bowel/digestive issues are wheat, barley, rye, the onion family, lactose, beans, cauliflower and stone fruit and it may help if you make a start by eliminating those. Also, try not to get too anxious as that will definitely exacerbate your symptoms.


  • Thanks Rosie, it's this constant niggling pain all round my abdomen that's really getting me down. I shall call docs in morning to see if I can see someone sooner.

    Thank you for your advice, most appreciated.

  • Also keep a diary of your pain

  • It sounds very much like you could be suffering from ileocaecal valve syndrome. If the doctor can't find anything specific then have a look at this link. It's a very common and little known problem but easily fixed with no medical intervention.

    I have had many clients prescribed strong pain relief for this when none is required!

  • Thank you so much, I'm sitting here worrying myself that it's something more serious.

    I will read more information on this.

  • I would check out the symptoms, you might be surprised how many apply to you! The biggest symptom is pain/dull ache at your right ribs and a lumpy feeling at times. If you need more help with this let me know, this is what I do every day, I'm a nurse and colon hydrotherapist.

  • I've checked out the symptoms and an awful lot apply. I try and eat a balanced healthy diet, and completely cut out coffee and drink green tea as it's supposed to be good for fibromyalgia but I can see it could be a trigger in this syndrome.

    Thank you so much for your advice and information on this.

  • See the Dr.

    Get the tests

    Eliminate one thing at a time

    Do not believe any over the phone diagnosis

    Reduce stress

    Simplify your diet.. It makes the food journal and results easier to track

  • I had a lot of pain beneath my ribs and wondered if it was pancreatitis. I had a scan - admittedly had to wait 3 weeks and they detected a gall stone. it has taken about a month but the pain and tenderness has now settled down. It will be interesting to see what the GP makes of the blood tests and scan results. I found that eating little and often helped keep the pain at bay

  • I have had similar symptoms, VSL#3 and massage of iliocecal valve worked for me almost immediately.

  • You could be intolerant of certain foods and it may be worth trying to eliminate food groups, one at a time, from your diet, like dairy, wheat etc. You should also keep a food and bowel motion diary to monitor any changes.

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