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Not sure if it’s IBS?

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Hi all

I’m new to this so don’t understand everything. This past month I’ve felt funny in terms of bowel and stomach problems. When I had my period back in start of May I had dull ache and bloating for a week which I never usually get with my period. I would wake up and have diarrhoea but afternoon I had it I was fine, just wee bit bloated and again a dull ache. I have also felt anxious since this lockdown began and I actually feel like I’m so afraid of getting ill from anything due to the current situation. Anyway I rang GP and he said I was overthinking it and it’s probably anxiety. A day or two after I spoke to him I was fine and was taking painkillers which was helping. My period stopped and it all went away. Then 2 weeks ago I had back pain and soreness around sides. I ate dinner one evening and felt really bloated afterwards and had diarrhoea. Next day I was a wee bit crampy but nothing much and it went away when I took painkillers and buscopan. Then last week I had dinner and felt bad cramps and had diarrhoea. Again took buscopan diarrhoea tabs and painkillers and it eased but still crampy, next morning was still bit crampy but went away. This morning I woke up with cramps and had diarrhoea and I have felt a bit crampy. I’ve taken buscopan and nurofen which eased it. Also took diarrhoea tabs which has stopped movement but still feel bit crampy/dull ache. I’m takin kalms tabs daily also as I feel anxious/down during this last few weeks which I’ve never felt before until now? Is this IBS? My gp wont take appointments as I’m not urgent case etc

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Sounds like it could be IBS. I get really crampy and full bloated sensation which makes me feel like I need to vomit. When I first started IBS symptoms it was the exact same as yours and I was around 15/16 years old. Bad bowel movements and really crampy, bloated and sore especially during my period. I went for a colonoscopy and they confirmed IBS. Anxiety of course can cause IBS, that’s what triggered mine. I’d say for now cut down your intake on dairy and gluten, drink peppermint tea and sleep with a hot water bottle to help ease your cramps etc until you can go see your gp xx

Thanks for the advice! Have never felt like this before so thought it was strange. Usually just get the odd cramps during period but nothing like this. Body feels very different as well as mental health. Can I ask do you take medication or anything to ease the pain? And how often do u get flare ups?

Usually I try eat a good diet but it’s unrealistic most times as I’m only 21 and like going out for dinners and drinks with my friends too much 😂. Flare ups usually last a week/2 weeks most for me. I constantly have IBS but my symptoms can go from bearable to pretty awful and leave me in bed with cramps and pain. It only gets that bad maybe a couple of day’s a year and I have other health issues so usually get flare ups with stress and my other health problems.

I only take peppermint oil type tablets I get prescribed by my doctor and drink peppermint tea etc. I’ve never wanted to take anything else as I hate putting things into my body xx

Hi Beautyy95,

What you've described would fit with IBS.

Some tips

1) starting keeping a food & symptom diary. This will be helpful for you & for when you can talk to the GP properly again. It might help identify 'trigger foods'.

2) the diary will also help you note any symptoms that can be indicators of more urgent bowel conditions - blood in your stool or if you lose a lot of weight. Get in touch with GP again if you notice this.

3) Stop drinking alcohol & caffeine, cut back on sugar. There's lots of diet recommendations for long-term management (see the video link below) but overall healthy eating will likely help short-term. Alcohol & caffeine are general gut irritants so let your gut recover without them for now.

4) Do try following common tips for anxiety: nice baths, mindfulness, the Headspace mediation app. Check out the group on here.

5) Keep browsing through the posts on here as you'll find lots of descriptions of symptoms & that can be reassuring.

More info:

A video from the NHS here:

It can be overwhelming when there's lots of uncertainty & lots to learn about. Maybe just give yourself 30mins reading a day & take it a day at a time.

Best wishes!

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Beautyy95 in reply to Rossan

Thanks so much. I will do that. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad as not used to this. I really feel I need to get checked out as it will put my mind at rest! Thanks again

Your GP should at least be offering you a phone consultation. They can send you a stool sampling kit in the post. IBS is diagnosed via a stool sample and blood tests. They could at least get your stool sampling done.

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Beautyy95 in reply to xjrs

Yes I think the fact he thinks I am anxious is the reason for any pain or discomfort or worries I’m having

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xjrs in reply to Beautyy95

The average person doesn't get cramps and diarrhea from being anxious. You have a right for your symptoms to be investigated. It is unlikely you have anything serious, although IBS isn't serious, it can be life limiting, but manageable once you know what works for you. You need a diagnosis to know how to move forward. No GP should be ignoring cramps and diarrhea.

Don’t dismiss it. I had a barium enema many years ago and my colon was spastic. I am also sensitive to dairy and gassy foods. In my recent bout I can say a bad meal and poor eating habits triggered my IBS symptoms. I have changed the way I eat. I use less processed fats butter etc, no dairy only oat milk or coconut, I know that nuts are not great but with almond with out the skin I am fine. No additives or preservatives. I also had a vitamin deficiency B, C, D are the main ones. Stop eating junk foods, fast foods. More vegetables, fruit and water. Pineapple has been my best friend. I had lost a lot of weight in the past six months but recently I regained 11 pounds.

I was not producing digestive enzymes and my stomach was so upset.

Natural enzymes are in pineapple, papaya, banana, avocado etc

Stress can also aggravate your system. I was constantly on edge, financial woes, health woes, work woes, I was a mess.

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Beautyy95 in reply to Kim456

Yea slightly afraid of what I eat now so am drinking more water and eating lighter meals. I’m not sure if it’s common with IBS but I often hear, especially at night, my stomach or bowel making a gurgling noise. It doesn’t cause pain or anything and I don’t need to go toilet with it but I am aware of it?

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Kim456 in reply to Beautyy95

I had that challenge as well my belly button is constantly going like a heart beat. I have been home from work for about 10 weeks, I do not get the upset stomach , nausea as before. I am eating more and foods which I would not normally eat.

My IBS was so bad water upset my tummy. Lived off popcorn oats and eats and bay leaf tea.

I would say keep a food diary this experience has opened my eyes about the crap that is on the shelves of our supermarkets. There are a lot of additives which can upset your stomach I stay away from soy, whole-wheat bran and barley.

Milk, cheese, cashews, pistachios are avoid, raisins and any stone fruit .

I use sunflower oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

For upset stomach use peppermint, fennel and use herbs like basil, rosemary thyme dill are quite good.

Limit peanut butters, most jams and cured meats, deli meats, nuggets etc.

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Tommyg279 in reply to Kim456

Hi, I’m very new to all of this. Been diagnosed with IBS after normal ultrasound and upper endoscopy. I too suffer from the stomach ‘heartbeat’. It has really worried me over the past few months but the clear scans have helped with anxiety. I am beginning to keep food diaries and cut foods out. I am drinking peppermint teas to help sooth. Your comment has helped me to know that someone else has been through it!

I am also having excessive bloating and stomach ache on certain days specially since the lockdown started. Flare ups are frequent but still not sure what makes it go away. I spoke to GP over the call and he said its IBS and gave prescriptions for antacids. I feel very anxious during this flare ups.

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Beautyy95 in reply to JamesJ1989

Yes I think the worries of everything during this time has us feeling different. I feel constantly worried about being ill or visiting hospitals. Usually I would never feel like this, it’s only now cus of the virus.

Are u having diarrhoea or constipation? I take painkillers/ibuprofen or buscopan when I get bad cramps and I find it helps, eases it anyway.

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