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Think doc is wrong

Been through the wringer with testing since April 2015. Stomach issues started while training for last half marathon in 2012. I used to be able to strap my shoes on and get of to run for an hour or more most days of the week. Suddenly I was very uncomfortable with gas and urgency during training but I pushed through with my half marathon and then hung up the laces being tired of having raw cheeks. (Sorry for the brashness.) I took it easy on the running and switched it up for the eliptical or bike. Symptoms only occurred with running. I told my doc at next physical November 2012 and a colonoscopy was ordered for December 2012. Came back clean. Running symptoms continued. Figured I just can't run and made do. Then September 2014 my guts really fired up for NO REASON. I missed a day of work one day for terrible bloated belly. Felt very very acidic...looked like i was 7 mos pregnant. I went to a walk-in clinic and they did a urine and blood test. Came back normal. Didn't get sick or any apparent reason. All winter I was very very sick and unhappy. Finally broke down and saw a GI specialist in April who ordered stool tests, ct of belly and uterus, and colonoscopy. Cslprotectin came back at 460 something. Found fatty lesions on liver, and cysts on ovary. Ultrasound confirmed cysts and second CT showed slightly enlarged liver and fatty infiltration. Symptoms persisted. Colonoscopy checked out OK. Ordered stools again and calprotectin was around 50. That's good. Things started to turn around s bit in June. Then 4th of July weekend at the lake was misery all over again. Doc put me on probiotic, taking antidiarrheal and benefiber. Just had pill cam done and still can't find anything. Doc is saying post infectious IBS. I wasn't sick that I can remember to begin with. Any insight???? Please help! I have been drinking lactaid and backed waaay off on lot of my favorite naughty foods and tried the fodmap food diet. No dice yet. Sorry for such a long story

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Your story sounds a bit like mine. I was training for my first marathon when my symptoms started. I haven't had as many tests as you, but blood, stool, colonoscopy and ultrasounds have found nothing wrong. My GI doc said my symptoms were caused by the running. He recommended eating grilled chicken, fish, potatoes and pasta, but no vegetables. At all. I was very nearly a vegan at that time, so couldn't fathom doing that, though if I ate nothing but potatoes, I was pretty good. I have since enjoyed some luck with the low FODMAP diet, but not much. Still searching for the answer.


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