Hospital Appointment next week but don't think i have IBS

I've been for a general haematology appointment today to see if my lymph cell count needs further investigation as it's been over the limit since at least January this year. my current level is 4.7 but the range is 4.0.

My consultant thinks it's inflammation and possibly to do with my Bowels after asking me questions about my symptoms. My appointment with the colorectal and Gi Medicine (I also have Fatty Liver Disease) is next week and i have to go back to see him in 6 weeks to see if/how my Colorectal appointment went and to see if that confirms the cause of the raised Lymphocyte counts.

Whenever i've had a CRP blood test and i've had symptoms (a lot of the ones you get for IBS) there has been inflammation and when i have the CRP and no symptoms then there is no inflammation. based on my last CRP test which was negative for inflammation i was referred to Colorectal with the bases that i had IBS but it's just occurred to me that IBS doesn't cause inflammation and therefore that must not be what i have ( I also googled it and it also states there that IBS doesn't cause Inflammation)

I was tested for Crohn's disease and that came back negative so i have no idea what it could be now especially since i have a lot of symptoms in common with IBS.

Can anyone give me advice and also if anyone has been for a colorectal appointment can you please let me know what happens as i'm worried i've gonna have to have a Colonoscopy and god knows what else.

Thanks, Nikki :)

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  • Please don't worry about the Colonoscopy I had my first ever experience recently and my feedback was that it was not painful at all - except for the stomach ache afterwards due to air - what I would say is that the preparation for the procedure isn't pleasant in the UK they give you 4 sachets of a solution you drink to flush all your food out of your system - so you can guess what happens next !!

    I've also had the inflammation flare ups then after a week or so it calm's down - I do think its down to stress and food - if I eat plain food and drink lots of water and peppermint tea then I tend to be fine. Stay positive and active, I do believe fitness and regular exercise makes me feel better - I hope this helps.

  • A colonospy is a small tube which is inserted to check out what's causing the inflammation and to check for polyps. It can be a little uncomfortable and you get alot of air after. It could also be due to stress I find peppermint and green tea helps. Just be careful what you eat. Hope this helps hope it's sorted soon for you. Good luck.

  • Have you been told it's non alcoholic fatty liver disease? Try a low sugar, no wheat and no dairy diet. It has worked for me with IBS plus I've lost 10Lbs weight (slowly) over 4 months

  • I was told by my doctor in June that it was Fatty liver...I've tried doing the no wheat and dairy thing but it didn't last long as i get cravings for it :(

  • Hi Nikki

    You are not alone.

    By the way, colonoscopy is not as bad as its reputation. I had it done a few years ago and it was so easy. The most difficult part is the preparation time with all those colon cleansing horrible tasting liquids...I too have been going to the hospital for different kinds of tests, from hematology to CT scans, to X-rays, and back and forth to the doctor in order to explain results and do the necessary follow ups. As of now all tests came out negative and that is both good and bad. Why bad, you say? Because I still suffer the pain and still do not know the cause (s). When I try to talk to the doctor about some other symptoms associated with my pain and flare ups, like for example, a constant tingling and itch on the nose and face as well as the recently acquired numbness at the tips of my fingers and a dry cough, he tells me "protocol calls for one symptom at a time". That, in plain English, means, come back for another appointment, another co-pay, another stupid visit . For several days in a row, I have been going to my appointments where they take my blood pressure, my weight, my vitals, every single day. They ask about my date of birth and my name to prove my identity, for Pete"s shake....when I get everything right ---haha--the nurse has this expression on her face, like a justified interrogator...I sit back and contemplate a holistic approach to dealing with me as a whole and not as just one symptom at a time...

  • I had a colonoscopy a couple of years ago. They gave me sedation and it was absolutely fine. I felt like I was flying!!

    The consultant found a small polyp which he removed. It was a pre cancerous one and so now I have to have follow up colonoscopies every 5 years. I am glad that they will be doing this and hopefully they can catch anything else.

  • Thank you for all your replies and advice. i found out today that my nanna, mum and one of my brothers get it too. I do feel stress is apart of it too as most of the time that's when it comes on or when i'm anxious it's the same for my brother too, before he plays football because of the nerves it brings it on. I wonder if it's something hereditary on my mum's side?

  • more and more people . day by day .! must be about 100k now why am i not surprised .! read my posts .! #goodluck .!

  • I'll mention it at my appointment but I don't think all of us could have that and for as long as we have plus we don't live in the same area so it would have to be a very wide water contamination. I don't use a lot of tap water, most of the water I drink is bottled water and for making food it's mostly boiled do that should kill any contamination too so it's only when I brush my teeth it's directly from the tap but, I will mention it to them .

  • it it water contamination this Parasite has a wall to it .! so when the water companies put chlorine into the water to kill the bacteria thats ok . but its not killing this Parasite its a like a big brick wall and its getting into the drinking water supply .! the P.D.F i gave on this . have a read at it .! trust be its not IBS . some teenagers said they been diagnosed with it ? yeh right in teenagers at that age i dont think so .! i really dont .

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