strange stomach movements

I know it is a weard question ..but has any one experienced some kind of movement down in the belly that looks like baby movement of a pregnant woman ??

i can actually see my belly rise up and down ..i feel some thing moving inside me ..did urine and blood tests many times all came back negative for pregnancy..

as i suffer from ibs ..i assume it could be gas or the colon moving !! but my tummy is growing resulting in a bloat that i have never had before this just one of the ibs symptoms ??

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  • Hi, could be wind taking a trip around your insides. Try peppermint after meals to help get rid of gas.

  • I experienced exactly this long before I figured out what it was (and it wasn't another baby). I experienced feelings like a baby kicking in my belly. Years later I developed muscle fasciculations elsewhere on my body and realized that these things in my belly were twitches of deeper abdominal muscles. That is what they were for me anyways. I get muscle twitching after I eat sometimes. I am not sure why, but taking supplemental magnesium does help reduce it.


  • yes I also read during my research that dehydration and vitamins and minerals imbalance or deficiency can cause muscle spasms and / or involuntary muscle movement..but I wondered why only in my stomach ..exactly under my belly button !! still puzzled and still searching as my doctor said all tests are clear and may be it is just accumulated gas 😕 i'm still not convinced.

    Thanks for sharing 🌸 ..i'll bring this subject to my doctor next visit .

  • Endometriosis can make your stomach bloat like that and give IBS symptoms!

  • I get exactly the same thing, my tummy also constantly rumbles I haven't found anything to stop it I have ibs d, I take peppermint twice a day after trying every prebiotic I could find over he last 5 years with no difference. If you find anything that helps let me know!

  • yess sure ..if i find any thing that could help or relieve our symptoms I will definitely post it here ..I was shocked when I read that parasites living in the intestines can cause these movements !! they feed from the host ( which is me 😓) they move and even urinate inside the host 😷..hope this is not my case 😔

  • Yes, also get this n im 65 n definately not pregnant !'

    I have always assumed its just a bad build up of wind . I personally take Windsetlers which help break up the wind therefore reducing the bloated look n feeling.

    If really bad will take this for a 24 hour period but for me i just take when a little wind.

    Good luck.

  • yeah ..maybe i need something to target the wind tour down in the gut is not just the feeling is seeing my belly move that actually freaks me out 🤔 is Windsetler a medicine or you mean a group of Meds that settle down the wind ?? is there a specific brand for this ??

    Thanks for your help 🌹

  • Yeah its real weird - To actually see your belly kinda ripple !!

    You can buy Windsetlers from any chemist by this name.

  • bloating is a big symptom in ibs

  • Do you think you could do two days just drinking liquids?? I have a friend who tells me that does the trick for her....Sometimes she just does one day. Anyway, good luck to you!

  • Hi Betty ! how are you now ? hope you're feeling better 🌷 ..well as i'm already starving my self inorder to decrease bathroom trips or as I call them Horrible (prison hostage) 😳 i'm afraid that drinking only liquids will worsen my diarrhea ..does your friend suffer from constipation or diarrhea or both ??

  • Hi Eternity, From Diarrhea only, I believe. I can understand (completely!) why people are afraid to try certain things or new ways.

    You might try Googling Benefits of a short liquid diet... and see if anything some articles say might be of some interest to you... I do know that one of the 'big' things a short few day liquid diet does is 'give your intestines a rest'... which can be very healing in itself. Anyway, good luck to you. Don't give up! Something will help you!! Take care now.

  • Thanxxx for the support 🌷🌷🌷

  • Yes. Apparently it's quite common, but don't know what causes it. Not only in ibs sufferers but also crohns.

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