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Does buscopan help with the tenderness of the stomach after an attack ?

Does anyone else feel like they have been beaten up after an IBS attack?

Does buscopan help with the stomach pains that linger after the initial

episode? I get the feeling that the discomfort I feel is from bruising

while the inflamation goes down. it hurts to press into my stomach.

Its only in recent days that I have suspected IBS.

I had 4 previous mini IBS episodes (i think) in the past 10 weeks which lasted on average

2 - 3 days, where at first I thought I had pulled

a muscle and then I thought it was a gluten intolerance because it happened

after pasta twice.

I dont seem to be getting any D or any real C (although when i dont eat for a day or 2

it does seem to slow things down a bit..) I feel bloaty and its as if a good session of

passing wind would sort me out.

these episodes were sore, and it was hard to sit up in bed without pain

but nothing like this last one.

I have been GF and hardly any dairy (2 cups of tea with goats or lactose free milk) and

thought I had cracked it, and in my healthy spree i made a sort of veg stew

using onions, garlic, harricott beans and some other bits.

the next day it came on slowly but the pain escalated so much I felt like I

was going to die and ended up in hospital telling them that I need something

to take the pain away.

the nurse guy examined me and said that it sounds like IBS (short version)

and gave me buscopan to take, 2x 10mg. when I got home and took them, after

90 minutes i finally got some relief the pain volume turned right down and

I was able to sleep.

the morning was sore again and the pain started to come on so I took 2 more.

since then I am not in the pain crisis state i was in but my stomach is still

real sore. I can find a position where i sit that is comfortable but moving

around makes me feel like I am bruised.

I am following the FODMAP list and made a soup from stock, chicken breat, carrott

and potato.

it could be stress, it could be the 3 months of antibiotics i was on last year,

it could be my penchant for garage snacks of cookies, crisps and chocolate

any advice or thoughts would be appreciated


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Hello Osuna,

Well all you have written about your symptons is exactly what I had couple of years ago! too many trips to GP (eight different GP I have seen) I have been on Buscopan and several other drugs as GPs were just guessing what it could be IBS, stomack aulcer ane etc. and ONLY when I went privet Ihave got my diagnosis (because the scan was done straight away) it was no IBS no any other bowel or stomach issues it was gall stone my gall blader was full of gall stones. So I stongly suggest that you would demand refaral from your GP as it only could get worse. I am not saying you do have gall stones but it is worth to check. Also why I am saying that because it seemed very simmilar to your symptoms most of the time I used to get those pain attacs when I would have eaten greasy food but it would not have to be greasy in the sence as meat fat or oil it could be simply pizza, pasta with cheese and etc. also it would get better if i stay on crackers or some grain (such as buckweat, cus-cus, plain rice or pain pasta, plain porrage). Hope all this helps you is some way and you might be able to find cause of the pain once it detected then easier to treat. Best of luck x


Buscopan makes pain worse for me before it gets better


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