Help needed!!! :-((I have been struggling with my IBS for the past 3 weeks now!!!

I can eat during the day till about 4 pm and then the fun starts!! Cramping pain and constipation,then the pain escalates and then I have chronic diahorrea,Im really down about it and struggling what to do about it,anything I eat during the day seems to come straight back through in the evening-I take 2 memberevine tablets which are prescribed through my docter 3 times a day and also buscopan when the cramping starts,but at the moment I dont feel like any of them are working-any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!!

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  • Sorry to hear you are suffering.What are you eating,have you looked at your diet.Try eating a simple diet for a few days,foods that are easy to digest,low starch,low sugar ,low fat,write down what you eat,so you can see the effect it has on you.A wheat bag warmed in the microwave is helpful for cramps.Hope you get some relief.I have had IBS for twenty-five years ,its all trial and error.

  • Thanxs for your advice-I have had have IBS since I was 12 and struggled all my life-but just recently its much worse-I will try the wheat bag for the cramps and write down a food diary to see if anything is making things worse-but I can eat something 1 day and be fine and eat the same thing the next day and it upset my tummy!!! Its a nitemare I can no longer go out for a meal early in the evening as it just sets it off!!! :-))

    I wish there was a magic pill to take-I would take it gladly each day if it took away the pain and discomfort!!!

  • I am trying to find out where I can get one to. My doctor has put me on various meds as well but nothing has worked, and believe me I have been trying them for a few months now. Excuse me my RUDE INTERRUPTION, has started, If I find out anything I will let you know

  • Ben 25 years??? That sounds suicidal to me.

  • Hi ,some times I am like you but i dont have the constipation just the urgency and diahorrea I take two loperamide in the morning then two at lunch and two at tea time seems to slow everything down some times two before bed if I am bad for a couple of days then it seems to settle so wean off the tablets then take two every morning I know this is not how they should be used but at the mo going through a bad patch and have been prescribed codeine too hope this helps it's trial and error for what works for you

  • Hi I might try loperamide as it what get any worse than it is now!!! Thanxs for the advice x

  • Hi, My family are all IBS sufferers in one extent or another, and the one thing we have learned is that even in the same family ; everyone is different.. I ended up in hospital 5 years ago as they suspected i had bowel cancer, but it turned out to be a very nasty form of IBS. I ended up having two operations leaving me with a permanent stoma, and just about half my large intestine and a chunk of my small bowel had to also be taken away. Now i have to be very careful what i eat as the stoma is quite small and blocks very easily, so virtually all veg has to be puréed .Anything which is par-cooked comes out looking the same as it went it (if you follow me) so i have to ensure all foods are well cooked.So, in my opinion , there are two main areas which each individual must explore. Firstly which foods have what effect on their digestive system, and secondly, the pattern and timings of meals can have a great effect on how much you suffer or not the following day. But what those foods are and what the best pattern of eating is -- Is personal to each individual.

    As far as taking Loperamide goes, I only ever took one single dose and wow did it have a "lasting" effect. so i never took it again. However my son takes it virtually every day -- which i tell him cannot be good for him -but he finds it is the only thing that allows him to get on with any sort of "normal" life.

  • Hi, i know exactlly how you feel my worst flare up has lasted 6 weeks now, i tend to find the same thing about 3/4 o'clock i get desperate for the tolilet and it can on anf off fthe toilet for 2/3 hours its very embrassing when im at work. My work do not seem to understand. I would love to know if you find out why it happens around this time off day x

  • How long have you been on the IBS pills. I found I quickly became tolerant to them and there effects diminished. Especially Buscopan.

    Everyone is different and see you GP before changing.

  • Hi I have been on meberverine at least 6 months now and I only take buscopan when I have cramps-I have totally cut out any kind of wheat today and so far so good so I will keep going with that-I am very hungry but I would rather be hungry than in pain!! Thanxs for your advice

  • buscupan colpermin colefac they dont work also anti acids no good for me. having bad time for last three weeks told to cut out wheat and dairy have had blood test for celiac go to Gp if they believe in fibro !!!!!!!! I am on a wole range of medication meant to help anxiety violettax

  • I am very senior in age and started with bloating really as though I am pregnent formally only sightly bloated about 3 weeks ago have had IBS on and off for 40 years and coped this time due age I am so tired with pain and so much medication. the Gp said and you are depressed I said yes pain that goes on and on is depressing see it coeliac spelt it wrong today all I can do is lie in bed and drinkas much as possible eat oat cakes and hummus the gps are fed up with me not half as I am fed up with me viletta10 xxx

  • Where can I find the GAPS diet? Send info to my email at <>

    Thanks so much --- I have IBS now for three years --- you would think doctors and scientists would have found a cure for this awful condition.

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