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Functional dyspepsia/IBS

Hello I am new. I have lifelong IBS issues, which are under reasonable control, but unfortunately I have Functional (Non Ulcer) Dyspepsia now diagnosed recently on top after an endoscopy and ultrasound. They found a small hiatus hernia, and gallstone, but consultant still seems to think it's the FD that is the issue.

Can I talk about the problems on this site as it's not strictly IBS I guess?

I have chronic relapsing/remitting pain high up under my ribs in the middle of my abdomen. I often get bouts that last for days, though they usually easy after a week. The pain causes migraine, and I feel pretty desperate to get it to go which normally it does eventually until the next bout a few weeks later.

I have eliminated a huge number of foods from my diet, but don't want to take any more out as it's healthy and balanced still. I don't take anything for it medication wise, but see a medical herbalist. I did use PPIs for around 4 years at the beginning when I was diagnosed with gastritis/duodenitis, but they were not helping and so I stopped them as I read that long term use wasn't a great idea.

I then felt that foods made a big difference but I am beginning to wonder as I seem to have to cut so many and the list increases......

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