IBS treatment using amitriptyline and Fybogel Mebeverine and symprove

Hi Folks, I am a 54 year old male living in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. I was diagnosed with IBS about 9 months ago after going through numerous blood tests, ultra sound scans, CT scan, endoscopy etc. I have tried all the usual treatments like peppermint tablets in all forms, buscopan, Mebeverine tablets etc. I am now on 1 x 25mg amitriptyline before I go to bed and also have a supply of 10mg amitriptyline for taking though the day should my symtoms flare up. I also take 1 sachet of Fybogel Mebeverine each morning (on prescription from my doctor). I still suffer from severe bloating, messy stools, sore back and general feeling of 'just not feeling right'! I read an article regarding an proviso called symprove which was tested at kings college hospital in London and the results on IBS suffereres was seemingly fantastic! I have not tried this but wondering if anybody has tried this and if so did it relieve your symptoms? And does anybody else have any other tips you could give me, I suffer from both C and D IBS and really suffer if I drink coffee, pastry, red meat, bran or anything wholemeal. Also avoid eggs, cheeses and and fried foods and try and buy baked foods where possible. This has had a huge impact on my diet as the vast majority of foods I like, I can no longer tolerate! When my IBS is at its worst, I revert to pain killers (not ibuprofen) but use paracetamol. I see my doctor regularly, at least once a month as I have this fear that my IBS is more than that despite having numerous tests. Have also been through CBT which did help change my mindset. But from anybody out there who reads this, any help or tips or guidance appreciated but anybody who has used symprove, let me know please! Cheers. James

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  • **meant probiotic called symprove

  • What is Symprove?

    Symprove is a totally different supplement with a potent multi strain formula delivering live activated bacteria just where they are needed – naturally. It works in a totally different way to other products due to its Unique Delivery System (UDS™).

  • Hey James, I have had ibs since Feb 2012. Came out of blue and has stayed to make life pretty miserable at times. I have all the constant dull aches , feeling of needing loo, nausea and sharper pain but not so much of multiple times to the loo. However when things go very off I lean more to ibs d. Just tht I'd give my presentation before saying I tried symprove and thought it was helping untill around 2 weeks before the 12 week reset target symprove suggests. I had a massive relapse. I continued to use it through but u don't think it did much to be honest. My gp feels I just got better the first time round due to the natural cycle of a flare up. For £70 + a month you need to be seeing definate results and I'm afraid I didn't.

    However, that doesn't mean you won't. I too have read multiple good reports. So it may be worth a go, especially if you can afford the £200 it costs for the recommended 12 wk treatment plan. I fortunately could it was just a bugger it didn't work as i would have loved a more natural solution. Anyhow, good luck whatever you decide ;)

  • Thanks for this Chezabel1. I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks and will run this by him. Cheers

  • Hi James, I'm afraid Symprove didn't work for me but it may be worth trying as everyone is different. Have you been tested for coeliac disease (gluten sensitivity)?

  • Inndie, yes I have been tested for coeliac disease and am okay with that! Am sitting here working today with horrendous aches in both sides, horrible cramps, sore back and hips and wish this would go away! Like a lot of IBS sufferers, I am at the end of my tether and feel so down with this horrible condition! Difficult to think positively when you feel continually unwell. All the best, James

  • I am pleased to say that Symprove did work for me and still does. I took it daily for around 4 months and have now reduced to every other day and it is still working - fingers crossed. I would recommend this to anyone - definitely worth a try.

  • Thanks Krazydeb, can you buy this locally from health stores or only on line? I will give it a try and see how I get on. Thanks again. James

  • Hi James

    You can buy Symprove from a Nutrishop in SOME Tescos or online. The last time I bought from Sunshine Health online and if you buy 4 bottles of the mango flavour the cost considerably reduces rather than buying one bottle at a time and the postage was free. I think you need to take this for about 3 months to see any effect although it was about a month when I started noticing a difference. As I said I am on every other day now and am still seeing good results!!!!! Good luck!!

  • Thanks very much for this, will give it a try! Cheers

  • I was on the original trial at King's College Hospital and I'm afraid it didn't work at all for my IBS-D but the results of the trial overall were that it worked in 2 out of 3 cases of IBS. You would know if it works by 12 weeks which is why it's recommended to try it out for 12 weeks at least.

    In terms of general tips, as an IBS-D sufferer, I limit the amount of insoluble fibre in my diet as it's a gut stimulant. Insoluble fibre is good for constipation as it speeds up the intestines but too much can make the gut worse. Soluble fibre is best for both C and D! I've tried probiotics, Symprove, lactose free diet for a year, gluten free diet for a year, all sorts of medications and have had every test under the sun and the fibre thing along with my tried and tested medications seems to work for me.

  • Thanks for this kiwimiwi, think i will give symprove a go as nothing else I've tried seems to help! I'm on penicillin at mo so will wait to finish that course and try symprove. Many thanks for the response. Cheers James

  • When you take a probiotic like Symprove, then you are adding bacteria to your gut. The theory is that if you're lacking in that bacteria, then putting it back will normalise bowel function. At least, that's how I understand it.

    The problem is that patients don't get a test to see which bits of thier gut flora are missing. If you're lucky and the probiotic contains something that you need, then it should help. If not, then it won't. There are literally thousands of types of bacterial in the gut, so it is a bit hit and miss.

    There are lots of different probiotics on the market, and they contain different types of bacteria, and different combinations thereof. It might be worth trying out a few different ones. All of them say that you should give them a chance to work, which is around 12 weeks.

  • Thank you very much 'poing'. I am trying various probiotics and hopefully they will help, only started earlier this week and shall see how if this helps over next 3 months. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Best regards. James

  • HI I feel your pain!! you and i sound like we have exactly the same symptoms!! I too have had CT, colonoscopy, blood tests etc in the last year. At times the pain has been so severe ive had to go to A+E :( and though it is a huge relief that the tests have come back to reveal nothing other than in my case a few ulcers..I feel lost as to know what to do.

    One thing I am trying is the low fodmap diet, I first heard of it when watching the food hospital last year and after my last colonoscopy the gastro doc recommended seeing a dietician and giving it a go..I am waiting for apt but have in the meantime removed wheat and gluten from my diet, lactose, onions, garlic, broccoli, apples..the list goes on..but please look it up as the results that a majority of ibs sufferers have reported are a vast improvement of symptoms..im still waiting to feel better but its only week 2 and it takes a while to get the body to repair itself after having years of gluten and lactose apparently!

    I spoke to my Gp re taking amiltriptilyne but was put off it when she said it causes constipation as well as makes people drowsy..both of which are a no go with me as like you suffer with both D and C and swing from one extreme to the other.

    I take lanzoprazole for the ulcers and buscopan for the bowel cramps, also I have increased my fluid intake dramatically because i wasnt drinking nearly enough, also i notice that im worse after days that i havnt been able to get out and excercise much (im no gym bunny, but i walk a few miles a day usually).

    I hope you find somthing to help soon.

  • Hi James

    I am sorry to hear about your constant pain. It is maddening I know. I have been dealing with this most of my life, only got worse when I moved to the UK last year, to be honest. The water and stress seem to have an adverse effect. Anyway, what I have found helpful over the years is a combination of: a lot of filtered water, Aloe Vera juice, ameprazole and mebeverine. I try to get some form of vigorous low impact exercise everyday even briefly- swimming, yoga and running/walking. Yoga has had real impact. I have tried amitriptyline in the past, but found that ssri type drugs served my anxiety better than the non-tricyclic types. I don't take either at this point now that I practice simple yoga.

    I hope this helps somehow. You deserve to have a normal stress free day everyday. I hope you find the right combination!

  • Hi I'm sick of ibsd at moment getting it once or twice week had lots of scans and colonoscopy dr put me on amitriptyline I have been on it a week hadn't worked wonder how long I give it before I give up it seems u r having bad time as well

  • Hello there, James,I havent heard or tried Symprove but reason for this reply is that my GP prescribed Amytriptyline for insomnia for weeks on end I couldnt sleep you see,sleep pattern has improved now some what so I keep them incase I suffer sleeplessness again,if you dont mind me asking you ,when you was prescribed Amitriptyline did your gp say it was to help IBS symptoms? hope its ok to ask? I have to be careful too what I eat, as it switches from 1 day complete opposite to another depending on what I eat,its a learning path as to know what to avoid really,hope you can reply,thanks,Julie

  • Yes. My GI prescribed Amytrip for me for IBS C and it helped because it is an antidepressant as well and stress for me was/ is a real trigger.I also take Zoloft.

    Amytrip is very strong and I tried 25 mg at bedtime and was a zombie for a day and a half. I now take 10 mg at night before bedtime

    Good luck.

  • Hi I started on 10mg and felt it helped a little - didn't get up at stupid times in night with the need to run to loo but around 4pm I'd get the stomach aches and need for loo and specialist said go up to 30mg! I took 25mg for 2 weeks but was like a zombie and it didn't improve my symptoms so I have gone back to taking just the 10mg! I also felt quite depressed on the 25mg!! 10mg has made a difference for me without affecting me mentally so ill stuck with that. 2 nights I didn't take it for medical reasons it reverted to me getting up in night!

  • Hallo

    I first developed IBS more than 30 years ago after a holiday tummy bug (pretty severe) little notice was taken then - I went on to develop chronic fatigue -\ always being told it was in my mind. Now, they know different! I don't believe that this will be treated on the NHS - too expensive. I have seen many therapists over the years - none of whom helped. I saw a gastroenterologist 18 months ago; he dismissed me with a flick of his hand and said 'couldn't see any problems "carry on with what you are eating" . At that time I was down to eating approximately 6 things without wanting to vomit. I decided to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse as my motions were almost white (sorry!) after a year of these ( 10!) things have improved but I have to restrict my diet all the time. It is different for each individual unfortunately. I have always eaten healthily. Studied nutrition for a while but became too I'll with fatigue/symptons, certainly, wasn't absorbing vitamins/minerals because of the mess my gut was in. Don't know if this helps - airing our experiences must go some way. Good luck.

  • I tried Symprove - had high hopes - but disappointed. Less than useless for me - and it cost a load of cash. Oh well - at least I tried. Good luck on your journey

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