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Ibs hell

I found out about 3 years ago that I had horrendous stomach pains in the mornings that ended up so painful i was nearly screaming and I couldn't leave the house until I had the feeling of relief by going to the toilet properly. Even then I had to go to the toilet at least 4 times before I felt confident to go out.

It took the doctors almost a year to find out what was wrong and I tried many things like changing my diet and cutting out certain foods but nothing helped. When I did get diagnosed with ibs I was told what tablets to take such as buscopan. They are useless and I have tried many other types and they are no good.

Work at the time was hell. I described my symptoms to my boss as it resulted in a lot of sickness and I was just made out to be someone who was over dramatic and treated as if ibs was just a bit of an upset stomach - I wish. I truly believe that if people don't have this condition they have no right to comment on your symptoms in a way that makes you out to just be a wimp.

I lost a job due to ibs sickness and my confidence was shattered completely. I was terrified to leave the house at any point in case my symptoms flared up and became depressed and agrophobic.

Nowadays I'm on anti depressants and as the years have gone by and you get to know your condition and the way your body copes it does get easier but travelling is always a worry for me and also being somehere where a toilet isn't available is a worry. Luckily it's only the mornings that are bad and then the rest of the day is fine. I still wish they could find a cure though. Even through coping strategies it's still hard to come to terms with.

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Hi have you tried spasmonal and 10 mg Amitriptyline

Best wishes


I too have found some relief from long-term use of amitriptyline (20mg) and 3 spasmonal a day. Also 3 daily dulcolease. My pain lasts all day at a lesser pitch, but I also sometimes have the extreme pain you describe in the morning. Basically it seems as if all gut movement is sore, and if I'm a bit blocked up, it's much worse. I have been 60% better since starting these together, which means I can actually live rather than get through the day.

Hope this helps


Hi I am one of those who dont get the constpation; I get chronic runs and am now incontinant.

SometimesI have to take codine and morphine has a very tiney pill

All the best


I have that blocked feeling too and it makes me so I'll that I'd I can't go to the toilet in the morning because of it then I won't leave the house for anything x


Hi I haven't no I've not heard of these ones thank you I'll look into it :)


Hi you get them from GP and are consultant


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I have finally beaten my IBS, yet I had a long list of symptoms, some fo them chronic: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

I got to the point where everyday living and working got so hard I lost hope. But I believed the doctors when they said I would just have to live with it. I am living proof that they were wrong.

Have a look around my blog Danni - maybe something will inspire you.



Have you tried merbeverine? Xxx


Hi, I would recommend probiotics - VSL#3 to be eaxct - do take a look at this link healingwell.com/community/d...


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