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I was referred to a GI doctor after explaining to my regular doctor that I had mucus in my stool for quite some time along with stomach pains and occasional blood on the toilet paper after wiping (gross and probably too much info I know but I don't know what else to do). I went to the GI doctor and he ran absolutely no tests on me. He thinks I have a "constipation problem" which this is true but I am scared it is more serious than that based on my symptoms. I have had constipation issues ever since I was little (5-6) I am now 19 years old. I will typically have a bowel movement every 2-3 days which has been normal for me for as long as I can remember. However, I started to get worried about my symptoms when I googled "mucus after bowel movement" after being curious one day. I got all types of results, the 1st being cancer which really freaked me out. The doctor said it was very unlikely that I had cancer even though he ran 0 tests on me. He ordered me to do a clean out which consists of a bunch of different enemas, laxatives etc. I took the magnesium drink and didn't have mucus but the next time I took it I got sick so I stopped. I did not have any bleeding with the stool softener but I don't have much time to be home running back and forth to the bathroom as I go to work and school every single day. I am having pains and pressure in my rectal area, pressure occasionally in my abdominal area, mucus after a bowel movement, and today there was streaks of blood which appeared to be mixed with clear mucus after wiping which sent me to google again which points at rectal cancer. I am very concerned, terrified, and hopeless. I feel it will be too late by the time the doctors diagnose me. I don't know what to do I cannot keep living like this. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Does it sound like cancer? I am a nervous wreck. Support is appreciated :(

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  • Sounds like you've got a bad case of useless doctors to begin with! How silly! You will need to put your foot down with the GI doctor and get some testing done. You deserve answers. I don't know what they test for on the constipation side (I'm ibs-d) but someone here could help you. If they suspect IBS, which if you're chronically having gut issues is a real possibility, they should put you through several tests, including a colonoscopy to rule out any other potential causes. Unfortunately you have to be your own health care advocate. When they don't test you it causes endless worry and anxiety, which only makes your guts worse.

    As for the mucous and blood, I can get that with my IBS. I still think you should get so the tests, but try to ease your mind that it could be the constipation (or diahrrehea) and straining causing it. No need to jump to worst case scenarios without more tests. But insist on them.

    I hope you feel better....

  • Its so frustrating and upsetting I will forget about my symptoms but they will return after a while. Im so upset with my life currently I just want to be happy and healthy but that seems close to impossible. I fear it is going to be too late when I get a correct diagnosis. No one can help me. :(

  • Hi..I was diagnosed with IBS just this morning. If one doctor didn't help, I would go to another one. Not all doctors are good ones unfortunately. I also have mucus in my intestines and I've gotten Hemorrhoids that caused bleeding. This is just my situation. Your paying the doctor to help you, so find one who will. Your fine. :) Googling symptoms is a bad idea and scared me too. But you really don't know for sure until you go to a doctor. I had an upper endoscopy done this morning. I would go three weeks without having a bowel movement then I would take a laxative to go! I'm not saying laxatives are good, overuse of them can cause more problems. Good luck, stop Googleing and talk to your doctor or find another one. Good luck...Laurie

  • Thanks for your input :/ glad you figured out your situation

  • You'll be fine. Try not to worry. You sound so sad and scared. :(

  • I am because all of my symptoms point to rectal cancer.

  • You diagnosed yourself by reading websites on Google. Call your doctor tomorrow and ask tons of questions, including your fear of cancer. If it's been awhile since you've seen your doctor, make another appointment. I have anxiety, so I totally understand how your feeling. I did the same thing, often actually. But I realized talking to a doctor is a lot more comforting than reading the worse case scenario on the web. :) Call your doctor tomorrow and send me a message as to how it went.

  • Everytime I discuss cancer with a doctor they say "not likely, you would be more sick" but I have read that people who have this type of cancer dont even know. I have an appt with the GI doctor again in June to see how "the cleaning out worked" but nothing has changed I still see mucus and still constipated. so I guess I will wait until then :/

  • your doctor tomorrow and tell him/her that your not getting better and need to see them sooner than June. Wow...a "cleaning out" is basically just a strong laxative. I have done it several times. Just do me this favor and call the doctor tomorrow and let me kno how it goes. I have anxiety you know, I'll keep worrying about how scared you

  • He most likely will not answer. I want to wait until June because I have not been using the things he has prescribed me such as the enema. I had used the stool softener 3 times maybe and it has worked. But I have not been using the miralax which should be taken daily because I'm never home its hard to take medications that you dont know what type of effect they will have on you. The mucus has gone away a few times. My mom wants me to wait until June to see him again as I was there last month.

  • I started out with the same things your taking now. Did you talk to your mom about your worries? Maybe she will help you feel better. :) You can chat with me anytime....

  • It seems as she is annoyed with me because I'm so worried about it being cancer and being diagnosed too late. She does not believe I have cancer and tells me to stay off of google but I do have all of the symptoms which is the scary part....

  • So how about approaching this from the opposite way. Ask them to run all the tests for IBS. They can truly only diagnose that once all tests have been run. You could also ask them to check for hemmroids. But be prepared to push hard for further testing. I know you're 19 and probably don't take your folks to your doctor's appointments with you, but in this case consider it - having someone to argue on your behalf is very handy. And if they give you the runaround ask for a new GI or get the number to register complaints. Don't put up with weak answers. Try to relax as much as you can. Many of us have gone through the same scary process. Keep posting, we're here for you. I'd also start to keep track of your food, symptoms and bowel movements. It's your proof and ammunition for why you need further testing. You can buy a cheap ap for your smartphone so it's easy to do.

  • I dont feel as a patient I should have to push for further testing.. Im confused as to why doctors dont recommend the tests... I shouldnt have to look at google for my health options. I don't understand.

  • All doctors are different. A lot of times we expect them to cure us because that's what doctors do, but we sometimes learn the hard way that there are doctors that are better for us and we have to find them. Doctors are people too. But I do think that if he thought it might be cancer he would have made a bigger deal of it. You have symptoms he has heard of many times. He is doing the least amount of treatment first, instead of jumping into more invasive tests and medication. Your fine. Don't Google anymore about your symptoms and find ways to relax and ease your worry.

  • I will try my best :(

  • That's all I ask. Anxiety makes your symptoms worse by the way. Just an FYI.

  • My sister has Ulcerative Colitis and when she gets a flare up she bleeds from the rectum and is in a sorry state with stomach pain etc for a few days, but it is controllable with medications and by avoiding certain foods. Google is your best friend now.

  • You need to go to another doctor for a second opinion and or tell your family doctor of your concern and that you want some testing done. "You" pay that doctors wages, he/she must take the time you are paying them for to listen to your concerns, he/she needs to make you well and get with the freakin picture. Good luck and hang in there it may not be as serious as you are thinking. Best of luck.

  • I doubt it is Cancer if you have had the symptoms for 14 years! You don't have the same doctor as me do you? A certain Dr Useless.

  • Chey,

    Just read all of this.

    I believe the doctor is dismissing this because you are 19.

    As you have had constipation problems since young ask for a referral to see a GOOD specialist.

    I also Google and finding support groups has been so important for me.

    Immediate family cannot always help.

    And for outsides to tell you to stop googling is insane.

    You are worried naturally and these support groups are here for a reason to SUPPORT

    I am not a doctor however this sounds like haemorrhoids to me especially as you have suffered with constipation for so long.

    If it is haemorrhoids then there is banding which could be done or even a Halo surgery but banding may be your first port of call.

    The constipation has probably caused your veins to swell.

    You can get internal and external haemorrhoids.

    This is likely to be your problem.

    But you need to see either a good gastroenterologist or colorectal specialist in the first instance.

    Here in the UK it is also a nightmare to get to see the right professionals.

    Good. Luck


  • HI Go back to your G.P.. he should take a stool sample and get it checked. its probably related to piles or a fisure. at your age you are a very low risk of bowel cancer.

    its common to get signs of blood with constipation. try more fruit and lots more water and see if constipation improves n blood signs disappear. you need at least 4 large glasses of water, squash a day excluding tea/coffee,fruit juice. walking good for constipation too as is yoga/pilates.

    dont be scared take action!



  • you need to be referred to a different consultant and a colonoscopy needs to be done - any bleeding is it normal - if you're concerned that your GP isn't taking you seriously then take an adult with you

  • I went to the gastroenologist and my mom went with me.

  • Hi there,

    I understand your fear and worries, as bowel and rectal cancer is rampant in my family on both sides. However, I have had ALL the tests and been cleared. The point being you need to ask for a colonoscopy .......that will tell you once and for all if there is a real problem. Like me there probably isn't...honestly. But they usually let you watch the camera as it goes around and it really does help. So...go back and tell your GP it's driving you crackers with worry (which is probably making it worse) and tell them you need to see a Consultant - who should send you for a colonoscopy. Good luck....(Oh try not to get stroppy with them, you get more flies with honey!)

  • I have been sent to a consultant he thinks it is a constipation problem.

  • I would still try to get that colonoscopy as in your case it will help to put your mind at rest. Again....good luck.

  • i am so sorry for you issues, I do suffer ibs and have this problems at times, however I went though a lot of test to make sure it was not something else. by process if elimination was diagnosed with ibs. which is hard to get a handle on and I find dr useless when it comes to this, my gastro dr is even worse. what works for one person may not work for another.

  • dont what to dishearten u but I have had all the cameras ct. scan and all the gi doc gave me was laxatives. Now have diaiabetic delayed stomach syndromehurts when I eat and all they have don e is put me on six week course on how to eat with diabetes and that's not till June. The nhs under the Tories is dramactically underfunded and no good at all. Five more years of Tories and we won't have an nhs

  • Yep - Suggestion no 1 - never, ever google your symptoms - you'll always be dying of something according to Dr Google!

    Why don't you try taking some senna tablets last thing at night to get your bowel into the habit of a morning clear out! people have different rates of bowel movement. Some people "go" once every few days, some "go" many times a day. Maybe the former is what's normal for you. drinking more water helps too with constipation. Its quite understandable too if there was blood on the loo paper if u had been straining to pass a hard poo.

    Easy to say but try not to worry. As they say - it'd be very unusual if it was cancer. Just trying to another perspective on it.


  • Thanks for the support ;(

  • I have had these symptoms for many years, could be internal piles regarding bleeding or a fissure and mucus can be IBS and stress related. Fresh blood they tell me is more to do with the rectum. I suffer with Pain every day and have to drink 4-8 movicols a day. Use Peristeen (anal irrigation) every other day. I am so fed up as nothing is improving. They tell me I have a slow transit and I get upper loading of the bowel. I am on many medications. I try to keep on the go as exercise helps the bowel due to movement etc. I get very tired and wish things would improve. I am 33 years old and wish I did not have to be this way. Good luck and let me know if you would like to know anything else about my situation. I am under a consultant who just sees me every 6 months, no matter how much pain I am in, I just got to keep going.

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