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IBS symptoms or not ?

Hey guys new to this community just recently saw my doctor in regards to a few stomach issues

Basically a dull ache/pressure on the lower right abdomen which can appear randomly seems to come on after eating a meal

Also excess gas and bloating and slight pain can be relieved by passing gas or a bowel movement

Minor constipation but with no diarrhoea my doctor did a stool sample and had it tested which came back positive for a chemical named "calprotectin" which apparently is found in IBS patients as well as slight mucus in the stool

He would like me to go for a colonoscopy but it is expensive and I don't see why I would need to as I know IBS is just something that you have to alter your diet habits etc in order to keep it from flaring up

Does this ring bells for any of you ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi there try looking up the internet on Dysbiosis, see if symptoms like yours, buy garlic tablets and take two every morning and 1 good probiotic every night, cut down on carbs and see how you go. Keep in touch. Need to do this for at least a month


I want to Thank You very much!! I had never thought about that!! I have colas because l know it sure give you spasms too!!

TThank You!!


Think I'd want the colonoscopy just to be sure. My IBS was diagnosed after seeing a colorectal consultant. He did a quick examination using some sort of gizmo in his surgery and was then booked in for a barium enema.

As nothing sinister was found, it was decided I had IBS. That was over thirty years ago.

I've trundled along fairly well ever since apart from the odd flare up where I lurch from constipation to diarrhoea- I find constipation the absolute worst. I've just had an absolutely massive flare up, the first really huge one since I was diagnosed.

I'm on a low carb diet - I don't eat grains because they really spike my blood sugar so I get my carbs from veg - and I'm also totally gluten free. I don't eat junk food, sugary foods or fizzy drinks, yet I still had the huge flare up. I put it down to stress.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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I have IBS with constipation... I do think l could handle the diarrhea better But a friend of mine has the diarrhea. She feels differently. I try so hard myself to eat right but l have lost so much weight because of being afraid to eat. The doctors say tests shows nothing is wrong and nothing found and eat! And l am like you l believe the stress can effect so much. Because l notice my stomach when l get upset too! Thanks for sharing.......

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Oh yes l have gone to a Gastro Doctor. He said there is nothing there and these are just spasms! To Eat!! I have had colonscoply CT scans also. Test done, and everything look great!


Yes. I had similar symptoms for a year before going through an array of tests including colonoscopy, endoscopy, hydrogen breath tests and 2 MRIs. IBS was the eventual diagnosis and I found relief using the FODMAP diet. The diet is not perfect but I get significant relief. The advantage of the tests is that I know that I do not have anything more life threatening. When I now make mistakes in my eating habits and my body responds with the symptoms, I can confidently know that I am not more seriously ill. And, I have a way to "treat" the symptoms. Not to say that IBS is not serious as many people can attest that it is very serious. I am fortunate that in my case, it is manageable. Depending on your medical history and age, I recommend the colonoscopy despite the expense to make sure that your OK otherwise. It's never a good thing to self diagnose for one disease only to find out later when symptoms get worse that you have something else that could have been nipped. Best of luck! Craig

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Thank You for the information!! They did test for the colonoscopy and blood test and Cat Scan. Nothings has been found....I am really happy with that but the spasms can be harsh. But l am going to cut way back on the colas.

Thank you Again


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