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Lately I have been expercing thin stool not all the time but but my stools are never the same I have sometimes blood in it red blood and been get strange feelings in chest and breathless sometimes not that am short of breath just like a weird feeling in my chest I keep thinking I have bowel cancer but my doctor sais I am to young because I'm 25 I dunno what to do going out my mind

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hi,I also have thin stools sometimes looking like pencils,I've had ibs and diverticular disease for 20yrs,have you had acolonoscopy or any other tests,the red blood could be due to piles/hemeroids if you suffer from constipation.your chest sensations could be due to stress if you are worrying about your symptoms.

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Yeah I had a blood test done my everything came back normal sept my folate level I have no family history of bowel cancer or anything 


Did the tests include Coeliac Disease antibodies? If not and you are on a full gluten diet now then it would be worth getting yourself tested because untreated Coeliacs can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies including B12 and Folate. 



Have your thyroid levels been checked?


Thank you no theve not been checked in going to go back to the doctors today just keep thinking I have some sort of cancer dunno if it's making me worse 


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