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New symptoms again, convinced I am dying

Back again with new nerve wrecking symptoms. I'm always constipated so my GI doctor gave me different things to try. This is the 3rd time I have taken the stool softener. I took the pills around 6:00pm last night and had diarrhea really bad at 4:00am. Today I went to work and when I came home I was having stomach cramping again so I decided I probably had to go. (This is really disgusting and scary.. tmi) It looked like what was black stool.. I am not sure because I had diarrhea it was most a yellow/brownish and watery. When I wiped there appeared to be red looking mucus which I have seen before as well as little black specs (which I have NEVER seen) I have read that black means internal bleeding. I'm almost 100% sure I have cancer now.. I know I am going to die I have all the symptoms of cancer (constipation, mucus in stool, now black... rectal pain, stomach pains, tailbone pain, lower back pain). I am only 19 years old I am not ready to die ;(

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Did you take bismuth/Pepto Bismol? That will cause shockingly black stool.


Darling girl, you are pretty certain not to be dying. Your family will be enjoying your company for very many years to come. They must be very worried about you by now?

Your doc must surely have picked up any of the danger signals of cancer by now.

Have you actually asked him, in so many words, "Is this colorectal cancer, Doctor?" if not, you must...perhaps ring him today.

But cramping, diarrhoea, bowel problems and feeling unwell are SO hard to cope with.

Perhaps your careful study of your stools seems to have become almost TOO careful and is in danger of becoming over-whelming.

I wonder whether you truly understand how the gut works: it's amazed me at a ripe old age to find that I didn't understand it properly till yesterday, when I saw a registered dietitian. For example mucus is what lines everyone's gut, helping waste to move through easily.

You MUST ask your doc to refer you to a registered dietitian. Or you could pay for one privately. (A consultation cost me the price of a new dress or some posh shoes, but I'm hoping it's going to do me much more good!)

A dietitian will help enormously by advising the right foods and drinks for you, down to the last ingredient, and by explaining what is happening with your gut activity.

You don't want to spend the rest of your days studying the contents of the lavatory, my love, so get this expert on your side.

(Don't settle for a quack,btw. There are charlatans out there, which is why your doctor should help you find one. I found mine through the BRITISH DIETETIC ASSOCIATION web-site)

I wish you a calm and pain-free day. It's good you can express yourself on this forum, and I hope it helps you to know someone is reading your posts. Wish we could do more.


Sweetheart, you're the same age as my Granddaughter and my heart aches for you. I'm certain you're not dying but you obviously have death anxiety, PLEASE talk all this over with someone you can trust before your anxiety gets out of hand. As for the physical symptoms, I sense that your anxiety is making them worse. You must return to your Doctor and insist on thorough investigations to put your mind at rest. You could have haemorrhoids or just a local, rectal irritation but all these, including the constipation, can be alleviated. As CChris says, don't become obsessed with "stool gazing" or your symptoms, they are all treatable.(even colorectal cancer!!!) I wish you well, be brave, explain to your Doctor how you feel and all will be well. Take care.

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hi agree with much of reples on here. im sure your not dying. go back to doctor get a colonscopy to put your mind at rest.ask to see a nutrionist. ask your doctor for a sensible diet for ibs sufferers. see bbc healt webpage for advice. iv had your symptoms for 20+ years and im still here! hope you soon feel better



This must be so worrying for you but you must ask for more tests to make sure everything is OK. On a positive note and speaking only from my own experience, when you have really bad and especially yellowish diarrhoea it shows that you have not absorbed your food an therefore there will be undigested particles in your stool. I have had this many times where you pass very loose, watery stools with a lot of black specks in it, this could well be the case for you so try not to panic. However, see your GP as soon as possible and ask for tests to rule out cancer as you shouldn't have to spend your life worrying. Good luck. xxxxx


We all are right there with you Love. Hating the hours in the loo, the pain & the smells. Feeling like you never want to eat, ever again. Just been on this page & realising that it is not just you, helps. And DO go back to your doc & keep on & on. We all wish you the best.


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