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Im in university at the moment which is stressful enough. During lectures or presentations I get anxiety attacks. My stomach becomes unbearable and I'll have to visit the toilet at least 3 times during class. I tried breathing exercises and going to the toilet 5 minutes before. It's hard to explain to other people how you feel and I do feel limited in work/uni environment. At times i don't even feel like going to uni because i don't want to embarrass myself in case I can't make it to the toilet on time. I've been to my GP recently to see if I have IBS but she also told me there is not much they can do about it, other than diet habits ect.

I truly hope that I can find ways to reduce these symptoms, or else these next 2 years are going to be total a nightmare . Does anyone have tips?



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Have you tried Rescue Remedy I find it helps when feeling anxious. Purchased from the chemist or health food shops.


Get a referral for a gastroenterologist. GPs just don't know enough. My university had a disability resource center which the professors had to abide by. I took a doctors note to them and they try and make special accommodations for you - like being able to leave class, getting notes from a colleague, writing your tests alone and supervised so you can use the washroom when you need, etc.

One thing that works for me is a diaper. It sounds awful, but it provides mental security, which may calm you down. You don't have to use it all the time, just when you are unwell.

Diet is how many folks manage IBS. You may want to start a food and symptom diary to see if you can find any triggers.

Also consider yoga or mediation. It can help train you to refocus when your guts are in a lurch. Even if you can psych yourself into feeling okay until you're out of the room.

If you have a locker, keep an emergency kit in there with a change of clothes in case the worst happens. You could always text a close friend to bring it to you.

Good luck. Keep posting - you're not alone in this.


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