IBS, Anxiety And Travelling

Okay (sorry if I ramble on), so I have IBS and Anxiety and Depression, I've only just (this week) gone to the doctors to see what they can do, I've been prescribed Buscopan and Citalopram. First of all have these worked for anyone?? My doctor said Citalopram can help with IBS as well?? recently my IBS seems to be getting worse like its becoming constant that I'm getting a lot of pain always in my lower stomach and after I eat bigger meals I'll get stomach ache and constipation then after a few hours of trying to go toilet it'll be like diarrhoea and lots of rumbling and nausea! I'm going travelling around Europe aswell in August and don't really fancy not being able to try the foods because I'll end up spending the majority of the time in the toilet, does anyone have any tips or tricks to help and would I be able to take my anti depressants and IBS relief with me?

Thank you for reading😊

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  • Hi there, I have all of those too, sadly! I was presided citalopram and it has fine me the power of good. I'm on 30mg daily now, 20 wasn't quite enough. I have found that Enterosgel, from Amazon, works wonders on the bloating and cramping. I never go anywhere without being fully stocked with immodium instants....life savers. Anxiety and IBS are a marriage made in hell....you ccould try one of the friendly bacteria capsules that You can get from health shops. I take 20 billion, of the friendly buggers, in 1 capsule, I figure it can't hurt, but I can't honestly say they ate having much impact. You have to try these things though if just to eliminate. Me bevin (not sure of spelling) might help you to. On prescription. And a lot of people recommend peppermint capsules for bloating and wind also. Lots to try. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your travels. x

  • Hiya . i was prescribed amatryptaline but only took it for 6 months as i didnt like the thought of being so young and on anti depressants. I have buscopan also which i take 2 of them 4 times a day. I also take mebeverine 3 times a day before food which helps the gut move instead of just eating and the bowel becoming bombarded with food. I find this helps a good bit which i was surprised about. I also have colperman which is the peppermint capsules but they dont really alter the pain for me. Like most people say - all our bodies with IBS respond in deifferent ways and its hurrendous the pain your in sometimes but when its a good day its good. When i have bad days im like you, feel constipated and within an hour ive done normal toilet followed by dihorrea and sicknes its horrible. I hope you get it under control before you travel europe and have a fab time!!xx

  • Have you looked at your diet ? Have you tried cutting out wheat ? I have accepted a long time ago that I cant eat a big meal, my body just cant digest it.....I think you need to pin point your triggers and avoid them, its a pain but the pleasure of eating certain foods is never worth the pain afterwards, I have exact same reaction you described to eggs, I can eat eggs in things but if I ate two poached eggs I would be doubled up and on the toilet within minutes. I have cut out wheat and drink about 8 cups of peppermint tea a day and its changed my life, sounds dramatic but its true...............

  • I thought wheat but tests have said its not coeliac, I've started doing a food and stool diary so I can see what are my triggers!! I'll definitely give peppermint tea ago aswell, a lot of people have said its good!!

  • I also tested negative to coeliac but cutting out wheat has still made a massive difference so worth trying

  • marthaalice i think you are me! That is exactly what I would have written, apart from the amount of peppermint tea! 😀

  • Peppermint tea rocks ! Lol. I have at least 7 cups a day

  • I was on Citalopram for depression a few years ago as I was going through a very difficult time with a daughter who was seriously ill (she is much better now I'm pleased to say) and when my daughter was still ill my mother died very suddenly, she died in seconds right in front of me, my daughter, my daughter's boyfriend, now my lovely son in law, and also my sister - it was a huge shock.

    I have to say that whilst on Citalopram my IBS was so much better and they are only a mild anti depressant so definitely worth a try. Also, agree with the post below that you also need to look at your diet.

    Best of luck

  • That's such awful news, sorry for your loss! Glad those worked for you also, I'm gonna see how they go and keeping a food and stool diary to see what my trigger foods are.

    Thank you

  • I wish you all the very best and hope that they work for you, they certainly did for me. I am under the doctor at the moment who is being very good and helpful (so lucky with the one I have now) as my symptoms of late have been much worse. I am also going to try an exclusion diet but not until I come back from holiday, will be going very soon so not long now before I try the diet. Will report on here how I get on.

    Best of luck with you and I wish you well x

  • I suffer from Colitis, certainly found it was my diet, certain foods seemed to cause problems, mainly wheat, corn. Have to watch what's in tablets as maize syrup can sometimes be one of the ingredients, it's just a case of trial and error to find which foods cause you problems. Also take a probiotic tablet each day to help the gut.

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