Nervous Stomach !?!?

Hiya everybody - I feel like I'm at my wits end with my stomach - I've had IBS - D, Since I've been about 15 I'm now 29 - and in the past few years it's gotten worse - and I think it's due to me thinking about it ! Sounds silly I know - but when I'm off work and I'm at home I'm fine because I know I've always got a toilet near ( I don't even think about it ) but when I go out and about - I'm always thinking about where the nearest toilets r !!! It's affecting my life because of this urgency I feel and I'm absolubtly petrified of having an accident !!! I feel I actually being the pain on and the need to go in my mind !! But I don't want to feel like this anymore and I want my life back so I can actually travel and not have to think about my IBS !! I feel like in the only person in the world that has this problem at times xx does anyone else have this trouble ?? And r there any tips anybody has to get it out your mind or to stop the constant dull ache and gurgling in your stomach !? Any replies r grateful x thanku for reading this x it's really getting me down now xx

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  • I can sympathise with you entirely. I am the same. It's a horrid feeling when you aren't even out of the door and you are thinking about where you are going and planning where the toilets are just in case. It is a vicious circle of anxiousness. You are no alone - If you trawl the posts on this site you will see that there are a lot of people in the same position trying all sorts of remedies to help. For me - as soon a my husband says 'shall we go out to dinner?' I am worrying about the journey and the toilets. It's so stupid I know but when your stomach suddenly gets a pain and you have to go - you have to go!

    I have tried the low Fodmap elimination diet and re-introduced all groups without any particular problems. I have been a lot better for a bout a year now but it's creeping back and those same old feelings are back!

    Have you ever had an accident? Sometimes it's just the thought of it rather that anything else.

  • You are not being silly. To say that IBS is all in the mind is, of course, totally wrong, but the mind and your mindset does play a huge part.

    I have had IBS I one form or another since a teenager. Last year I had a health scare and then convinced myself I had bowel cancer, I had horrendous diarrhoea, urgency, rectal pain. As I am nearly 60 I was given a sigmoidoscopy within two weeks - nothing was wrong! Within a week I had calmed down and was back to my normal level of IBS-d.

    Have you tried taking Imodium when you feel more stressed, it works for me most times. In fact the consultant after my sigmoidoscopy recommended it. Also food triggers that set off the diarrhoea - I can't eat tomato products, chocolate or anything fatty.

    It's a horrid condition which is not recognised enough in as muchit affects our whole being and life. xx

  • Thank u for replying - it certainly helps when some one understands your problems !! Yes I do normally take immodium - it's just that me and my partner r trying for a baby - so it it not recommended xx thank u I need to chill out abit and try and relax so hopefully this vicious cycle doesn't keep taking over my life x thank u for all replies x

  • I've had several bouts of incontinence and have a few suggestions. I pack an 'emergency' kit for work, trips etc. It has toilet paper, change of pants, underpants, garbage bag, a bottle of water, etc. I can always have someone run it into the washroom if needs be. I've never had to use it but it's best to be prepared. Secondly, I've had some times when I was close to an accident and have tried to focus/meditate/use mantras to get through the urgent period as I try and find a washroom. It also keeps you less stressed. Finally, you can wear a diaper. I will if I'm uncertain of my guts. It helps psychologically to know you have a backup plan already in place. Hope you find something that works for you.

  • I think you have to realise you are not alone. This illness crosses all divides. Doesn't matter if you're young or old male or female. The mind side is hard to explain to others. I travel 20 miles to work and never thought about the journey. Then one day I have to find a loo en route and it taken me weeks not to worry about the journey. I agree with another reply that Imodium is my biggest help. As much that you think something will help as actually helping. Good luck with a solution as everyone is different. I found Symprove was brilliant but not cheap and still taking it a year on.

  • No, you are not the only person who feels like this. Last week I went with the wife to see a show in London - from the moment I started to think about leaving to the moment we go home I had Stomach pains and felt like needed to the loo almost every minute we were out. I must have been to the loo at least 15 timeso we were out.

    it's embarrassing, frustrating and I too am at my wits end.

  • My heart goes out to you. I have had IBS since I was 18 and I am now 63! My symptoms are lower tummy ache which can go on for days or weeks, I cannot eat any citrus fruits, tomato, onions and other foods Like you,,Imhave had occasions when I have been out and have suddenly needed a toilet, before Xmas I went into a store and asked if could use their toilet, I pleaded with the assistant and she said no, was against their policy, said I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't desparate. How I made it to the nearest loo I don't know. After that experience I was so worried about going out but has to tell myself that I mustn't let the IBS rule my life, it is hard I know. I have found that a lot of the time it can be a vicious circle which is hard to break. I am one of the worlds worst worriers and suffer with anxiety which doesn't help matters, it is said that the tummy is the 2nd brain as they are connected in some way which is why people get butterflies when they are nervous. Do hope you feel better and remember you are not alone. X.x.

  • Thanku every body for your replies they really help me just reading that I'm not the only one !!! Xx

  • Hi , I really do feel for you as i was in the same situation as you a few months back. I have been going to the Doctors for 8 years telling them about what i thought was ibs but in my head i thought ibs cant be that bad can it ? i finally got a ref to the hospital to have the cameras done etc to see if more was going on which they couldnt find anything so felt back to sq 1. but saw a consultant who diagnosed me with bile acid disorder, thankfully i am on a sachet drink called Questran (colestryamine) forgive my spelling but i havent had any trouble since. But like you i was so afraid of going out and it is brought on by stress aswell like when i would leave for work then it would come on because im worried about it all happening at work. Hang on in there keep going to the doctors and hopefully get some meds that can let you have a normal day.

  • Thanks angel97uk x

  • The good news is you are definitely not alone, I feel like I could have written your blog myself, almost exactly except I am 35. I am a primary school teacher and when I am on hols, my husband sets the alarm earlier as he knows I will need to go to the loo before he goes in for his shower but then some days I don't need to go and then as soon as he turns on the shower the urge comes and I have to try and hold on. So frustrating! What has worked for me was seeing a nutritionist who put my on the low FODMAP diet which has really helped, though doesn't completely sort me out when I know I have to travel a distance but then I take a precautionary single immodium which gives me the support, both physically and mentally, to have a very safe day. Also peppermint tea at night is soothing for the tummy and again reassuring. I find that the two aspects, diet and mental, can together cause the diarrhoa and if you find a way to tackle both, you can beat the symptoms most days. Hope this helps?

  • Thanku it does sarat1 xx

  • I sympathize with you totally. The whole of it. I have four children and whilst pregnant ny stomach was fine. Im booked in for a coil in the hope that the ibs won't be so bad while I am on. I to gurgle and bloat every single day and feel so tired. I take buscopan for severe pain and probiotics but nothing works in the end. Good luck x

  • hi hun i have the same prob as you and understand its awfull i am getting help of counciler and it slowly doing me good bit by bit it was getting so i wouldent get bus in to town incase i needed the loo but fine at home i was becoming a hermit in my own flat and got some realy good antidepresents that help if you need to get in touch you welcome i am here

  • Thanku duke 2011 x

  • hi

    my wife said she read anxiety which can trigger ibs is often caused by may well go in time. pilates seems to help. walking is really good for ibs .not easy when you actually have it. when heat, tablets dont work i have a glass of ginger wine/brandy. sometimes helps or at least gets you off to sleep which sometimes the onlky way to be free of spasm pain.

    hope this helps

  • Thanku Graham ...... I certainly like the sound of the glass of brandy before bedtime !! Lol x

  • hi im a sufferer too. have you tried fybrogel-works for some.also cut out caffeine,artifical sugars and less sugar. im trying less sugar less chocolte.only decadt tea and more water and walking.def better. stress makes it worse and yep thinking about it seems to trigger bowel movement. have you seen speciilst/ DONT BE Put off by Doctor push for lactose, wheat test and levels of vit d , i cant eat onions, mushrooms or sultanas. cold pasta messes me upto. just an idea to avoid these foods. hope it gets better, i know some people get free of it completely and others like me have to cope manage it .now for some 20+ years.

    i know it can get you down-some people benefirt from amytrpline tabs.

    all the best graham

  • Hiya Graham - thanku for replying - I too have the food triggers you've described - onions etc ...... And recently I've read about prebiotics - so I decided to try Yakult daily and I've been drinking a bottle everyday for a week now and it seems to have improved my bm to a more regular pattern with less twingy , collicy pains and urgency - so that's good x also my doctor did mention about Amitrphaline ( don't know if that's how u spell it ) lol - but I was kind of worried about taking an anti depressant if I absolubtly didn't need it x thank U again Graham

  • hi

    glad yakult helping.i use actimel need quite a lot as digestive juices eat up th eprobiotics before they get to the gut but may still be useful for stomach. i tied amytypline as it supposed to shut down brain nerves t the gut .ok but not good long term. i tried again recently and got constipated so stopped.

    treid years ago an may have helped a bit. just found out ny vit d level is low. can affect ibs sufferers so stepping up vit D tabs and salmon, eggs and when it comes more sunshine!

    Keep well


  • Hi, you are not alone, I'm the same. I have not been abroad for 16yrs, even the thought of travelling will bring on my diarrhoea. There was a time when I wouldn't leave the house. The doctor has put me on anti-anxiety medication and given me lomotil for when I have my bouts of diarrhoea. I have the same thoughts of thinking where the nearest toilets are to the point where it has taken over my life.

  • I know how you feel. It's very difficult. I really struggled for a while and didn't want to go anywhere. I have gained some confidence back by using Imodium (obviously speak to Dr but it's ok to use long term for me) and by trying to change my perspective with mindfulness. Lots of good articles about mindfulness on the Internet. You have to try to alter the way you look at things . I really appreciate the good days now and have had a fairly good 6 months .

  • hi I am new to this site I have had ibs for years but has got worse and im sure this is what brings on my anxiety I bloated stomach every day and in rearly bad pain I wont travel not because of toilet needs this is what I don't understand nearly everyone on here suffer this problem im tired all the time just want to go to bed and then I take hot water bottle only thing that helps the pain hard work going up stairs make my stomach worse even cleaning up I have got to the point were I cant take anymore does anyone feel like this I don't have wheat and eat healthy

  • hi I am new to this site I have had ibs for years but has got worse and im sure this is what brings on my anxiety I bloated stomach every day and in rearly bad pain I wont travel not because of toilet needs this is what I don't understand nearly everyone on here suffer this problem im tired all the time just want to go to bed and then I take hot water bottle only thing that helps the pain hard work going up stairs make my stomach worse even cleaning up I have got to the point were I cant take anymore does anyone feel like this I don't have wheat and eat healthy.

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