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Anyone else suffer like this?

I have had severe pain down my right side for about 14 years, I get stomach cramp, bloating, excessive wind, and when suffering badly it's even hard to pass wind. I never suffer with severe loose bowels but can fluctuate between very sluggish to quite loose. When I am sluggish my pain in my right side is worse and eases of after a bowel movement or after passing wind. It also affects my sex life too as the pain in my right side. I also get lower back ache and an urgency to go to the toilet. Am I alone or abnormal? Gp prescribed mebervine

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Yes, following a bowel resection many years ago for prolapse, I too have irritable bowel and similar symptoms to yours. I find that eating porridge and sour dough bread - and avoiding ordinary sliced bread (which contains yeast that may not be killed in the cooking) has helped enormously. Avoiding gluten too is helpful, though I am not strict on this. Wind issue varies and is a problem. Pain in right side is not often, but when it is, it is paralysing! I try to avoid any drugs.


Thank you, I have noticed that regular bread does play havoc with my system, I will feel bloated and it really makes my bowels very sluggish, I will have a look at the bread you mentioned.

Thanks again


Your symptoms sound a lot like mine used to be. I am 5 weeks into the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet now and have experiences major improvement. I still have some constipation, urgency and bloating but much, MUCH fewer than before the diet. Talk to your doctor or a dietician...it might be worth a try.


I am going to see my Gp hopefully tomorrow, have to ring back at 8am, just want to get on top of this now, I will let you all know how it goes.


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