Ibs or something else confused!!!

Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed with ibs after going to the emergency room a number of times with severe lowere right abdominal pain that comes and goes in waves but can stay for hours on end, I suffer with some sort of pain almost every day but I don't get how it can be ibs I have no constipation wind or diareah just pain? Anyone else experience this ? I have had scans seen a gynaecologist but nothing was found, I just worry that it's a grumbling appendix

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  • Look up 'ileoceacal valve symptoms' and see if that fits your description.

    If that sounds like it could be you then look up 'ileoceacal valve massage'. You could do it yourself or find an alternative practitioner.

    Good luck. I know how frustrating it is when Drs label you with IBS...but remember they do this when they have no clue so its then up to you to reaserch further and find an alternative medicine that does recognise your symptoms as being real.

    Let us know how you get on:-)

  • I looked that up too and tried the massage, but it didn't help. I thought I had the answer, but I was diagnosed with severe bowel inflammation and proctitis, it's so hard to eliminate this inflammation. I'm trying an anti inflammation diet. Doing research on my own.

  • I have that too! It's connected with a trapped nerve in my case. I always wonder if it is. Causingmy inflammatory bowel problem. I had surgery sixteen years ago for the lower right area ,i had pain there and all they found was inflammation, it showed up as a mass, but when they went in it was only that. I have sciatica and I think that's what it is related to. No one really addresses it. It's frustrating right?

  • Sorry to hear that! Yes very frustrating. Have you tried acupuncture? It could work on the sciatica, and the inflammation.

  • Yes a few years back I went it did help the doctors think its not related but how would they know? It's all so frustrating, thanks for your help!

  • So you say you have the ileoceacal valve issue? Maybe find a practitioner specialises in this and get them to have a try? They are out there...I looked it up last year when I thought I had it. My own massage sorted my lower right pain.

  • Yes I tried the massage I was physced about doing it I still do it. That is the sore spot too. I will keep trying, thanks for your reply . I'm not really sure if it's that but it made sense when I found the sight. I started doing it immediately the two hand massage.

  • I'd say find an ileoceacal valve expert who can show you in person. Sometimes videos can be tricky. Best of luck.

  • Ok thanks a million!

  • I highly recommend physical therapy specializing in abdominal pain. Doesn't matter what the origin. I learned a lot and have had more pain free days (even weeks).

  • Hi, have you read anything about the ileocecal Valve? It is situated on the right side of your abdomen and is where the large intestine meets the small intestine. Apparently the valve can get "stuck" (not very technical term) either open which causes diarreah or closed which causes constipation. I have problems with this (stuck closed) and it can be very painful. It's just a thought but try googling it, see what you think?

  • Oops!! Sorry, I just noticed the other posts, its been a long day at work,lol!

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