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Anyone else suffer with this?

Hi, when I think I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me (I have food intolerances trying to work out), I get really bloated stomach, weird feelings in stomach that seem to flood my whole body and give me awful headaches, feel wobbly etc. Does anyone else suffer with this and, if so, do you know what it is and how to try and alleviate it? I find it hard to function when like this and it ramps up my anxiety so much.


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I'm really careful with what I eat but some days I wake up feeling poisoned. The only way is to be careful as we all get caught out. Good luck.

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I agree with sashapet you need to find out what triggers it, wheat and corn and to much cows milk cause me problems. best of luck

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Yes I think this is quite common . You need to find out what triggers it. Most common judging from this site is gluten soya dairy onions but it could be anything. Try the Fodmaps diet to eliminate most of the known digestive irritants. There is an app which is traffic light symbol i.e. Foods marked green, Amber and red.

Easy to follow and best money I've ever spent. It's from Monash University.


I have exactly that. Look up mast cell activation syndrome. Mastocytosis society of canada. Oral cromolyn glycate and ketotifen will help if that is the cause, but most important thing is a good food elimination diet and identification of food triggers and avoidance.

I hope this might help you.


I have found that eating a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables also cuttingdown on bread and excess sugars helped my Ibs as I used to get lots of bloating and loose stools.


Yep, same here. I started waking up 8 months ago feeling terrible (about once a week) like I had a major hangover without drinking any alcohol and I got really stressed out trying to figure out what was causing it then started getting anxiety. I've got the anxiety under control and I haven't woke up feeling bad for about 7 weeks now.

But..... I feel bad in the day now after eating certain foods. Yesterday I had scrambled egg on toast, 3 hours later stomach ache, instant headache and feeling like I was going to be sick.

Took about an hour to drop down to a mild stomach ache. Headache and feeling sick went away, then I drank some water and 10min later exactly the same thing happened which took another hour to drop back to a mild stomach ache.

Then I had a Chinese meal, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice (shared between 3) which I thought was going to make me worse but I felt better whilst eating it and was fine after!

I'm 100% percent sure I can't eat eggs now though as I've been bad twice now after eating them.

Would love to find out what's caused my stomach to be sensitive to things I was fine eating before and IBS is not an answer it's a symptom.

Things that may be the cause ive found are: giardiasis, candida. Not heard of the thing notibs mentioned but could be that as well.



I have histamine intolerance- look at histaminintoleranz.ch

No e at the end of histamin

Try the exclusion diet. Fantastic.



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