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Is this gallstones?


Iv had pain ever since Sunday after eating dinner was mostly veg(sprouts, carrots, broccoli). The pain came on Sunday night first with bloating and then waves of pain above stomach and shoulder blade, I have been continuously burping and breaking wind but it hasn’t gone away, the pain is like spasms/contractions, as though there are beads wrapped around my stomach and back which twist every 10 mins. I have to lie on my left side at night to get any relief as it’s worse on my right, my doctor has ordered a gallbladder scan. Does this sound like gallstones? What can I take for the pain it’s calmed a little bit but still little waves of niggling pain.


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Sounds like trapped wind

Gall bladder pain is typically up under your diaphragm/rib cage; some people also experience back pain.

An ultrasound scan will show up gallstones if that’s what’s causing your pain.

I found that ‘everyday’ painkillers wouldn’t touch the pain - only codeine, prescribed after a scan identified the problem, had some effect.

I had morphine in hospital after going in on an urgent basis when the pain was unbearable- and that certainly worked!

If it is gallstones which are causing your problems, I believe that many people endure several attacks before electing to have their gallbladder removed - I wouldn’t!

I hope things soon improve for you.

Nothing worked for my pain either at all

golf99 in reply to one-n-den

Gallstones do not present the same symptoms in everyone. My husbands pain was above belly button and it took 8 hrs of scan to diagnose the infeced gallbladder and stones. Morphine did help but not completely.

Get checked.

I have very active acute IBS -D and cannot eat any vegetables. I get same symptoms as tou described along with bloating.

Donnaann1980 in reply to golf99

Like a twisting spasm pain? It’s awful goes right through top of my stomach and mid upper back

The pain of gallstones will have you rolling on the floor. The pain normally subsides once the food has gone through the stomach, as it is the squeezing of the ballbladder that causes the pain. If it is gallstones, you can have them broken up without an operation. The pain normally does not last more than half hour!

Iv had about 4-5 attacks in the last 3 years but that’s it, it’s certain things I eat that seem to start it off, raw spinach left me in agony, raw carrot, pot noodle, sprouts, and the last time I could hardly stand up the pain was that bad I was dripping of sweat also, this time round wasn’t so bad but still very painful, and it feels like a wave of pain like you have an elastic band around top of stomach and mid back/shoulder blade and someone is twisting it every 10-15 mins, bit like contractions, feels awful, Buscopan helped last night. My GP diagnosed ibs but can ibs be that painful? Can’t stop burping and passing wind neither!

Oh dear...

SPROUTS!!! BROCOLI!!! There just a no no with ibs them and cauliflower and savoy cabbage they all have something in it ( my gastro did tell me but forgot name) but basically it will inflame ur gut start ur ibs off and give u bad wind and pain.

I used to eat loads of these but as soon as i stopped i never got pain. It was upsetting brocoli was my fav but now i have green beans. Carrott parsnip peas butternut sq sweet potatoes instead. Corr the pain would cripple me

Up for about a week.

Try some peppermint capsules, mint tea, or pepto bismol. Dont eat them again. Also onion and garlic not good either.

Iv ate loads of veg the last week that’s probably why I was ill, over done it! Trying to eat healthy and it backfires! Can’t win! Still got a bit pain but it’s not as bad as it was the last few days, I like brand as well but they are terrible for causing wind too! U woudnt think eating something healthy would make you so poorly!

Yeh i know what u mean, i tried to b healthy and i actually ended up in more pain but my gp explained there some veg that contains something that ferments in ur stomach.

So most are good just the ones i told u about. Brocoli was worse for me...

Also i dont eat any gluten and dairy and yeast as they all give me pain and bloating and constipation.

Pretty constrictive diet but i tend to make all my own dinners so know what in them.

Still id rather have a small amount of food that i can eat then b flying blind and keep making myself ill and suffering .

You ate brassicas, not fatty food so gall bladder doesn't seem to be the cause. If anyone does have a potentially life-threatening blocked gallbladder, its easily removed by keyhole surgery, 1 day in hospital and your bile duct/digestion will be as usual. My pain was under the right breast, with repeat vomiting for hours.

Would anyone know why the pain is mild during the day but when I go to bed it seems to wake me up in the middle of the night? It feels like a bead/stone moving right round stomach into back. Felt sick last night when I went to bed and woke up with the same wave of pain every 5-10 mins. Worse lying on right side

I get this so bad did u get to bottom of yours

Sounds familiar. Blood tests confirmed something wrong with my liver which turned out to be gallbladder related. An ultra scan confirmed sludge and gallstones moving through the bile duct so I cut out most fatty foods (such as chocolate and cheese) and ultimately lost weight whilst waiting for keyhole surgery. By the time I had an MRIscan the bile duct was back to normal and surgery was no longer necessary. I’m now without pain but occasionally have wind if I eat too many veg such as peas. I had to cut out dairy which was causing bloating and pain prior to being diagnosed with gallbladder issues, and still cannot eat onions, leeks or anything with garlic without a reaction. When in pain I use a warm wheat bag or hot water bottle. Also camomile tea to settle/calm the stomach and peppermint tea for sickliness. I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you I ate chocolate the other night and was in agony, cheese sets it off, some veg, and also fried foods. Awful pain when it happens!

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