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Nausea on a regular schedule?

I was diagnosed with IBS just over a month ago. My condition was triggered by a 6 week bout of gastro-enteritis. A colonoscopy provided entirely normal biopsies and a couple of benign polyps were removed. I was also diagnosed with diverticulosis.

My condition is very mild when compared to some of the suffering I see in this community. I am fortunately without pain - Just the "morning rush" sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes not.

But in recent days I've noticed a new effect and I wonder if anyone else has the same experience:

What I'm experiencing is waves of mild nausea - not enough to cause vomiting - but lasting around one hour usually very early in the morning - say from 4am to 5am or 5am to 6am. Then it goes away and I can turn over and go back to sleep.

Anyone else experience this or do you think I should go back and ask the gastro-enterologist about it?


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Waves of nausea are pretty common with IBS. I have periods of anything from 2 - 4 weeks at a time where I have almost continual nausea and others of about the same duration, where it only occurs after eating and lasts for just an hour or so.

As you say, it's never bad enough to cause vomiting, but pretty unpleasant all the same. It doesn't matter what I've been eating and, sorry to say, I've never found a real solution though a glass of soda water sometimes temporarily relieves it.




I too experience nausea too, particularly during flare-ups, but I also vomit with it too. All the GI's tell me occasional vomiting is pretty normal for ibs. From the reading I've done I would say nausea is a pretty common symptom with IBS unfortunately. When its really bad I tend to sip on lemon and mint water- I literally just fill up a big jug of water at work and put slices of lemon and fresh mint sprigs in. Ginger and peppermint tea can also help. I talk a lot about my symptoms on my blog mylifewithibs.com Good luck!


Thank you both for your replies - and for their promptness.

Isn't it nice to know there's someone out there who understands?

p.s. Bought some ginger tea bags this morning. Might try one when the next wave strikes. Will report back.


Yes, it always helps to know you're actually not an alien - whatever the medics might think - and that other people are going through the same thing!


I had constant nausea for 4 months when my ibs started just over a year ago, day and night. I took prochlorperazine which certainly helps as thats what it is specifically for. I also found that root ginger and lemon in hot water and added in onion juice, not onion itself did help sometimes although not always. I still get it quite frequently but not as bad and it may be connected with my acid reflux now! What fun we all have, a bit dispiriting. Good luck


Yeah it really is! IBS can make you feel so alone sometimes, so I find this forum and my blog a very healthy outlet for how I'm feeling.


Yes I too experience frequently during the night, perhaps 3/4 times, wakes me and next day fit for nothing.

Also to a greater or lesser extent after a BM I feel nausea creeping over me for about 1/2 hours afterwards.

Now been on a low fibre diet for about a week and much improved until last night when woken frequently by a pain on the left hand side. Now trying to work out the cause- could it be the hot cross bun I foolishly indulged yesterday?


I said I'd try ginger tea bags and report back.

I've now tried one (was feeling queezy this morning) and you know, I think it helped. Tasted filthy, of course, but it really did "settle" like it said on the box.

This was Twinnings Settling Ginger Tea ( twinings.co.uk/featured-tea... ).

I hope you find it helpful.


I also suffer from nausea with IBS - sometimes for up to a week after a flare-up. Rarely ever vomit but just feel "yucky" with a horrid taste in my mouth. Having a meal seems to make the nausea disappear for an hour or so, then it returns. Find peppermint tea helps a bit, and also sucking a mint, which also makes my mouth taste better. This website is great for advice, and it just seems a question of trial and error to see what helps your particular symptoms. Good luck to you with whatever you try!


I have attacks of nausea too, annoying but not as bad as all the other horrid symptoms we all have to deal with! Like Trailrider I also have the left hand side pain, it is very frequent and nothing really seems to help. I have recently cut out wheat, which has help with the spasms, but this pain is still coming pretty regularly. My consultant has prescribed Movical (as I am IBS-C) and I am shortly due to have an abdominal x-ray (they are unwilling at this stage to do an colonoscopy. Hope your nausea gets better and the other symptoms too :)


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