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Could this be endometriosis or a hernia instead?


I've been suffering all my life with 'tummy' issues but was diagnosed with IBS about five years ago officially. Nothing seems to help- food and anxiety sometimes trigger it and sometimes it occurs for no reason at all.

I'd resigned myself to this until lately when a couple of people mentioned their experiences of being diagnosed with IBS but actually having endometriosis or a hernia and I'm now wondering if this could be what's going on instead? Over the last year, I've noticed I ONLY get symptoms on my left side, next to my belly button and when the pain becomes intense, a large lump appears and morphs (sorry for the description!). I had an IUS fitted about 18 months ago and have seen gastro and gynae specialists since but apparently still have IBS.

Does anyone have any experience with these diagnoses or does anyone only experience IBS on the left side?

Thanks for your help.

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If you do not have issues with heavy periods then it is unlikely to be endometriosis. They would not of fitted an IUS i am sure if you had it. Also the checkups for it would of shown more. Check your IUS as they can alter position and it may be out of place hence the lump. Otherwise it sounds like standard IBS as you have been advised by several medical people. Its just a case of trying to adjust and do what you can to cope I am afraid.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I've always had problems with heavy and painful periods which is why I'm on the IUS. A GP a while ago mentioned an investigation to see if it was endometriosis but then said they'd still only treat it with the IUS anyway.


Hi. You can have both. What you need is a trans vaginal scan. I has endometriosis. I've had a hysterectomy now but it was missed on a regular scan twice. I also had multiple fibroids.

Has your gastroenterologist also carried out a colonoscopy to rule out inflammation? I have ibs, mild crohns, (previous endometriosis and fibroids) and had prolapsed rectum (just been operated on for that).

My main pain is right hand side even after the hysterectomy.

If you have ibs, I highly recommend following the diet called FODMAP. You can buy the app for £3. Unless u r lactose intolerant, there's no need to follow the dairy free section, either.

Hope u feel better soon

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Hi, thanks for your reply. You sound like you've suffered a lot, I wish you a quick recovery from your surgery. I've had an external scan before which showed nothing and an internal scan before the IUS was fitted but this shift in pain to the left side has only happened since fitting. I tried to follow FODMAP with a dietician a few years ago but my IBS was triggered all the time anyway, often through no reason at all which is why I wondered could it be something else.


I had a total hysterectomy for Endo but also have IBS which is always left sided.

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Oh, I hope the pain goes soon. I would certainly look at the ius as being the trigger for the pain if you've had the scans already. No doubt the gastroenterologist has carried out a foecal calprotectin test also to rule out inflammation.

I'm a walking dictionary for tests, have had them all.

I'm recovering slowly from the surgery but I think the ibs has reared its head again. My mouth is full of sores and I've been to the toilet no less than 55 times in 24 hours !

Hope your pain goes soon


Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're suffering so much. Yes I think I had one of those tests and he said that as that's okay, there was no need for a colonoscopy.


Hi In my experience they can only rule out anything nasty after a colonoscopy,it the ultimate test,I should push for it if I was you,it's the only way to diagnose IBS.

I'm like Shasac a walking dictionary for tests over the last 12yrs,and I still suffer chronic IBS. I've also travelled the country to see,professor,and Gastrologist.

I search the net looking for answers as well. Like you I was content it was IBS,but when you have it day after day it does make you wonder. I'm at my wits end.

Sorry for the rant,I hope you get sorted soon,I don't wish this on anyone.


hi i have ibs and have had for 20 years but at on time lots of pain just going upstirs.gastr specilst discovered i had a small henia rhs groin! had operation cured it.

still suffer with ibs but not hernia pain. cant see your pain on lnhs being ibs although spasmss can occur in back and hip.worth getting examined for hernia.




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