Very Anxious at the moment

Hello Everyone, I am very anxious at the moment and now my latest IBS symptoms are mild pain in the back that seems to move around. Also loads of burping and sometimes when I swallow I can feel slight pain as the food goes down. I went to my Gastro doctor and she prescribed me acid re flux medicine. I had an endoscopy one year ago and she did not think it was necessary to do another one. The problem is I am so worried that something has changed since I did the last endoscopy. Also after eating feels like something is stuck in throat. I keep fearing something is seriously wrong with my esophagus. Is this all a part of IBS? Grateful for any answers.

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  • Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell bean1. You must go back to your GP though and report your latest symptoms.

  • yes i went back yesterday to the Gastroenterologist and she gave me anti acid medicine but did not want to do an endoscopy as I had one a year ago

  • Hi there just a couple of suggestions, as I was very ill with stomach issues after nearly two years of doctors trying everything( and all the tests in the world ) I put myself on garlic and parsley tablets every day along with a probiotic a few hours later, the improvement was amazing. maybe worth a try. Also I was given tablets for acid reflux to cut down the acid in my stomach, but it was the opposite problem, not enough acid so I learnt about hydrochloric acid tablets and take this after eating a fatty meal or eat. Wishing you well Trish

  • Doesn't sound like ibs to me.ask gp for referal to specialist.

  • Hi guys does anyone else have these awful pressure on the head and face that makes you feel out of breath and restlessness? you feel like trapped and very tense whole body?

    the limbs especially. You feel a little bit relieved after the loo ?

  • This sounds more like Hiatus Hernia problems to me. I would insist on another endoscopy.

  • Oh Honey, I really feel for you. Anxiety is the worst because docs constantly tell us that stress exacerbates our symptoms, but what are we meant to do, just "stop worrying"?! It's a vicious circle, but it sounds like your docs are on top of your physical symptoms, so juts trust in them and trust your gut instinct, but most of all, be good to yourself and believe in yourself.

    You have inner strength that you can tap into during times like this. It's there, just take each moment as it comes, don't think about the past, or the future, just try to be in the moment, which for me at least, takes the strain away and helps me relax - Oh and I'd also recommend looking into Mindfullness and maybe some yoga and relaxation meditation too.

    You know yourself and your body better than anyone, take ownership, you can do this, it doesn't define you, it's just something that's happening to you.

    Take care and good luck xx

  • I also have I.B.S. for years and was told by my gastroenterologist that it does move around and the pain will reverberate off your rib cage that will cause pain, not just from food but from stress.

  • Hi Everyone, Well I went for an endoscopy yesterday and the specialist found a small hiatus hernia and some acid reflux. So I am very relieved it is nothing more serious. I was very scared but pleased I faced the fear and went through with it.

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