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Any BAM sufferers found a good solution??

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I'm potentially (not diagnosed yet) suffering from BAD or BAM and I wondered if anyone else had had this and found anything helpful for reliving symptoms? I've got to wait a couple more months for my next gastro app and at my last app the Dr said to treat my symptoms as ibs with antispasmodics but that isn't making a bit of difference to my 4/5am wake up call. Just wondering if I can try anything in the meantime???

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I was told I might have BAM. I was so poorly I was admitted to hospital. Had SeCHAT and it found nothing. Consultants scratching their heads and really not sure what to do next. After two scopes and biopsies it was found I had Coeliac Disease and Lymphocytic colitis. The later can only be seen under a microscope. Anyway, started course of steroids and following gluten free diet I am now on the road to recovery. It has taken almost a year to get to this stage as doctors do not appear to understand that we patients are just not suffering from an upset stomach and need treatment straight away.

It's really frustrating. I'm trying to be understanding the NHS is stretched, there are people worse off than me but I feel so helpless. My last appointment I was told "we'll do this test for BAM you'll get an appointment through then back to me in 12 weeks, well maybe a little longer" I've had nothing through about a test yet and I'm going through a bad patch with my symptoms. I just want to be able to do something to help myself cut something out my diet, put something in my diet, take something. Very tired, frustrated and down about the whole thing.

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The SECHAT test for Bile Acid Malabsorption, I believe, is not done very much as it is expensive and not many places do it. My gastroenterologist did all the usual tests (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, SIBO hydrogen breath test, blood tests, stool tests) and luckily nothing wrong. He then asked me to trial Questran rather than having the test for BAM as it stops diarrhoea in a good proportion of patients. I forget the percentage, but it was significant. I have been taking it since July, one sachet per day. I have not had a single incident of the diarrhoea and general malaise that was happening, with very little warning, several times a week. This has been life changing. I have had IBS for 40 years and many of my memories are coloured by the embarrassment, inconvenience and distress caused by the condition.

If you have been given the all clear for any disease in the bowel I would suggest you ask your GP if you can try Questran. If it works it probably indicates a degree of BAM.

Hey there pajohns. I've been taking Questran for the last 8 months and it's completely transformed my life. My GP was happy to actually prescribe it to me, whilst I waited for my hospital appointment. By the time that came around, the improvement in my symptoms meant the hospital doc didn't even do the Sehcat test. Also she said when they do it, it renders the CT scanner useless for that day so they avoid doing it.

She also ran some stool tests and turns out my pancreas doesn't work. So I also take Creon to replace the enzymes my pancreas doesn't create.

I've gone for 10-15 toilet trips a day with D, to being almost "normal". Got to the point before I started the Questran, where I was ready to "give up" - now I couldn't be any happier. I also take 50mg Sertraline to calm my tum as well. Ideally I'll stop those, but anxious for symptoms to not come back.

Persue your GP for Questran whilst waiting for hospital appointment. BAM has very specific symptoms. Yellow or orange, fatty/oily stools. Often a "fishy" smell.

Feel free to message me or reply back if any questions.

If I were you I would ask gp for a prescription for the bam medication colesevelam. I was given this by the gastro. Unfortunately in my case it didn’t make any difference (was hoping for a miracle), so I probably don’t have bam. By giving you the medication first it saves the nhs money (as they don’t have to do any tests) and you will know whether it works or not. I know exactly how frustrated you must feel. I am always trying different medications and cutting things out of my diet in an attempt to find my cure for this damn ibs. I just hope we all find something that works soon. Let us know how you get on.

Best of luck

Hi pajohns, I’m taking Questran for my BAM and I’ve found it to be very helpful! I had to go private to have my tests done - as well as pay for the sachets myself (they are not cheap!) but very helpful for my symptoms... I may have only a slight amount of BAM as I find that it is aggravated when I have a lot of fatty / meaty foods... maybe if you cut them down it could help (as you wait for the sehcat)?

I’ve also tried the low fodmap for over 6 months with reintroduction and found that I’m lactose intolerant too, so cutting out some items in my diet has helped me a lot.

I self-diagnosed BAM (US does not do the test) based on symptoms (too graphic for public) and began Questran Lite taken WITH my evening ( and only) meal. It has only been 2 weeks but so far it’s a game changer. My 3 year life altering symptoms of chronic, continuous and uncontrollable diahrrea are in remission. I am not confident enough to say this is my forever cure but I am enjoying my current normalcy! I make appointments, go out with friends & am hoping to resume my volunteer work-all of which I had to give up. I had tried all the ‘something free’ diets with only limited & temporary bouts of success. Sounds like it’s difficult in UK to get a doc to see you let alone listen. I live in a rural central Texas town & never wait more than a day for a critical (in my mind ) appt. My Doc is a gem and smart enough to know that when what he prescribes doesn’t work, it’s time to listen to me. Good luck to all suffering this most debilitating and confounding condition.

Thanks for the reply. Can I just say it's not actually that difficult to see a General Dr in the U.K. It's getting to see a specialist that takes the time, there tends to be a priority waiting list. If I could afford to go private, I'd probably get to see someone an awful lot quicker. The NHS is amazing!

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