Bum/Low back dull pain?

Good morning!

I'm new to this IBS world, and with it comes a lot of weird symptoms I've never experienced. Anyway, does anyone experience low back/butt pain? Sometimes I get somewhat of a quick stabbing pain around my rectum. It's more dull than painful, and the only time I ever experienced this is with my cycle. I've had it for about 2 weeks. I haven't had a colonoscopy yet but I plan to within the next few weeks (I have major health anxiety so I think it'll give me peace of mind). Both my GP and Gastro think it's PI-IBS along with anxiety induced IBS. Thanks for any input!

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  • This is a typical symptom the back pain. I have triggers such as alcohol or caffeine so you may need to keep a record?

  • Yes I get this a lot, especially early morning.

  • By cycle sorry but do you mean feminine cycle? As yes I get this on my period - I usually get worsened diarrhoea and cramps with my period as well as this weird shooting rectal pain is the only way I can describe it! As it's happened since I started having periods and isn't that painful (compared to period pains!) I've just come to ignore it.

  • Yes I get this pain and it seems like its worse when I worry about it. I have convinced myself many times that I have cancer because all of my weird symptoms but my colonoscopy was normal.

  • Best thing is to have a colonoscopy it will put your mind at rest, I had one done and they found out I had colitis, nothing to having it done, I was lucky I needed no medication. Have you tried keeping a food diary to find out which foods are causing you problems. Best of luck

  • Hi I have ibd - Crohn's and with this comes pain that radiates from spine related issues especially in the area of c3 and c4 Didn't know there was a connection for a long time. I actually found a good down home chiropractor that had studied about it and have had a lot of relief from having adjustments made in my spine. Hope this info helps;) Umm u could look up the charts that show the spine and where the nerves in the spine radiate to specific areas of the body.

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