Is it unusual to experience a heavy pressure sensation in lower abdomen when walking? During the night I have no symptoms but develop in da

I suffered from IBS about 25 years ago but it all settled down until about two years ago which coincided with stressful family situations. I have had blood tests, barium enema and ultrasound over last two years and everything appears to be normal. My GP would like to refer me if symptoms don't improve. I believe there is a faeces test to establish IBS, is this reliable? I described my symptoms to my GP as feeling like being about 9 months pregnant with this pressure sensation.

My husband has colitis but I have nothing like his symptoms.

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  • Hi, I go through phases of this - ok in the morning and worsening during the day. I had prolapse surgery 4 years ago and so I panic it's something related to that. I then get checked over, and when I'm given the all clear, the symptoms gradually disappear. I think for me, it is muscle spasm / tightening due to anxiety which builds up as the day progresses. Very uncomfortable and the only relief is to lie down - totally inappropriate when at work!! If you have been checked I would try not to worry about it.

  • Thanks that makes sense, and yes lying down does give relief.

  • Sounds like slow digestion. Food residue accumulates in your digestive system during the day, and then you finish digesting and absorbing it overnight. There might be some upper gut fermentation too - I think that's often involved in IBS. Things settle overnight because we don't eat while we're asleep.

  • Another plausible explanation, perhaps I should be paying more attention to my eating habits. I do like a few glasses of white wine in the evening, maybe this doesn't help the symptoms.

  • There's no test to determine IBS and anybody who says there is has got things wrong. It's only after an elimination process, through various tests, of all other possible symptom causes that a diagnosis of IBS is given. Even so, I was still misdiagnosed with IBS-D three years ago and found out only a few months past that I actually have Bile Acid Disorder/Malabsorption instead. If you've been diagnosed with the diarrhoea version of IBS ask for a SeHCAT test to rule it out. It's an easily fixable disorder and presents exactly the same symptoms.

  • Thank you I will look into this.

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