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IBS,or Celiac Disease?

I have suffered for 20yrs with IBS,but am wondering if it is celiac disease after reading symptoms,I have just watch a video with caroline Quinton and my symptoms are a lot like hers,I had a blood tets a few years ago that came up negative but have since read it does sometimes come up false negative,I have made appointment with my gp to ask for endoscopy to find out for sure, has anyone here been diagnosed with Celiac disease? Thanks

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Thanks,I have every IBS symptom,constipaton,diareah,bloating,cramps,also episodes of extreme pain and vomiting,fatique,I never really feel well,sometimes wake during the night and spend hours on bathroom floor not knowing what end to put over toilet,Ive had 2 colonoscopies,abdominal Xray,barium enima,they all showed up diverticular disease,but consultant said I should not expierience such severe symptoms,he did celiac blood test that came back negative but I have just read that sometimes you get a false negative from blood test.I have made appointment to see my gp on Monday to see if he will arrange a endoscopy down throat,dont know if he will though.I avoid pastry and pasta items as they make things worse.


I think that the ceoliac blood test, if you starved beforehand, is a very good one but other intolerance tests are not so good

Although the test came back normal you could still be i tolerant of wheat

You can do your own intolerance testsby leaving out one food group,like wheat or dairy, for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and bowel movement diary

You can substitute dairy products with soya milk and spread and use it as you would any other dairy product - except cheese


I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2008 after years of being told it was 'just ibs'.

I was sent for the tests because my red blood cell count was extremely low and I had to have blood transfusions.

I follow a strict gluten free diet, I still have ibs which doctors say is associated with chronic anxiety. My consultant prescribed Pregabalin which has made a big difference particularly in managing the pain of ibs.

Even if you're not Coeliac you may benefit from cutting out wheat and gluten but don't do this until after you have had any tests done.

I wish you well, I know how frustrating it is to be fobbed off by doctors but it pays to be persistent and have the necessary tests.


Thank you,my gps arranged for another blood test tomorrow,but even if it is negative i'm going to try giving up gluten,anything is worth trying,I had to give my job up 3yrs ago because I was always ill and we havent been on holiday for 2 years because its just a nightmare.Ive found a website that sells various digestive enzymes,I will also give a try if result is negative,www.foodreactions.org. x


I seem to suffer for weeks nausea and going to the toilet have now cut out wheat and dairy even though my blood tests came back negative have lost a bit off weight which worried me a bit but my doctor said it was cause I have stopped eating bread , cheese, milk, and butter does anyone else seem to feel Ill for weeks its starting to get to me now cry all the time cause I don't want this anymore


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