Help! Is it IBS? GP not helping!

About two months ago, I started getting bloated..not occasionally but literally all day. I wake up looking like I swallowed a beach ball and I go to bed the same way. It doesn't go down. I've been to the doctor, twice, but all they said is that it's unlikely to be anything serious since I'm only 30, and it's probably something I'm eating. I've tried telling them it's like it all the time, so it doesn't seem to be in response to a particular food/drink, and that I'm already on a gluten free, dairy free, alcohol free diet. I'm also vegetarian. There's not much left to cut out!!! I can't get anyone to take it seriously. They insist it's IBS/food intolerance. I did have IBS many years ago, but I wasn't bloated all the time with it and it went away about 6 years ago. 

So, I guess what I'm asking is whether my symptoms are typical of IBS? I don't have pain, diarrhoea or what I would call constipation. I do suffer gas but I always have done so there's been no obvious change. It's literally just bad bloating. Should I try to push it further with my doctor??

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  • Here are two ideas you might want to think about: Go on a 3 day clear liquid diet... I didn't think I could do it...but only the first day was tough (felt sorry for myself! :) ).... This includes broths...and all clear juices...NO FIBRE.... vegetable or fruit juices... NO milks of any kind... This will give your bowels a rest... Totally excellent for cleansing... (its safe to Google! :) no scarey stuff! ) ... and it will tell you the benefits of this cleansing diet.

    The other idea is: take a GOOD probiotic... I like Nature's Way Primadopholus... I take mine during the night when I wake up for the 1st bathroom run! :) Just best taken on an empty stomach. It could be that somehow your intestines are overrun with bad bacteria... Good luck to you!

  • Agree cut the fibre,especially raw vegetables

  • Try replacing all tea and coffee for peppermint tea. Try fennel tablets. I have exactly the same and these help.  I also think you should seek a second opinion from a different gp to put your mind at rest.  I had an ovarian cyst for 2 years which gp told me was ibs. By the time they finally sent me for a scan it was so big I needed a total hysterectomy. 

  • Any symptoms relating to your digestive system can be written-off by doctors as IBS. However, since IBS is not a disease but a syndrome (go here: ) keep pushing for tests/scans etc to see if answers - and hopefully solutions - can be found.


  • Definitely go and see a different GP, and insist that they at least send you for an ultrasound scan to rule out other things such as ovarian cysts etc. All easier said than done, I know, but as it's clearly troubling you, not obviously related to anything you're eating and you have eliminated all the more obvious food allergens anyway, I don't think that's an unreasonable request.

    Good luck, we all know how hard it is to get GPs to take us seriously!

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