Anyone feel their IBS has got worse as they've got older?

I have had 20 years of IBS - no symptoms for weeks/months, then flare ups out of nowhere. As I reached 50 three years ago my flare ups seem to be more painful and disruptive to my life, when they happen. My GP is great and he's very careful and thorough. I wonder whether anyone else has found the same? When you look at the optimum age for IBS it seems to be between 20-40. My anxiety went through the roof after the menopause too - so that could be part of the reason, I just don't know.

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  • I have had ibs for 15 years but only once in a while. Recently this year since retiring it has been much worse and it is every couple of weeks. Today I feel dreadful. I am 56 using mintecand lopermide.

  • I was only diagnosed late last year and found that if I leep to a strict dairy free diet I am under control

  • Yes, I would say I agree binks. Hormonal changes, sudden shocks, travel all set off bloating and slow motility. I am not so active as I was when younger and being self employed with dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADD probably don't help! FODMAP diet is helpful but I can't always be in control of what I eat when travelling. Less starch and more protein helps but again, can't always manage that. I am however better at being compassionate to my self and my body when I do have IBS flare ups these days.

  • I've had ibs-d for over 20 yrs now and i have 7+ bm a day now but for the last 20yrs i had 11-15 bm every day . the only time i leave the house is to go doctor or hospital and even then i miss appointments because just can't be sure i'm going to get there without soiling myself. but i have noticed lately that i'm getting more cramps and bloating than i used to, i'm 54 now .

  • It's so debilitating when you are nervous about going out any where. The dreaded urgency. I hear every body's stress . Going for a colonoscopy next week. I'm 67 and greatful for every thing on my life but this is ugh...

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