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After sex period - advise on what it could be


Around 4 yr ago I have a bad bout of gastroenteritis - I actually thought it was food poisoning but doc ruled that out- since then I've had constipation diarrhoea, stomach cramps,bad & irregular periods, anxiety attacks, mood swings, painful indigestion, wind & just felt generally crap!after colonoscopy, endoscopy, c.t scan & external & internal ultrasounds the doc said I had a stomach infection(now gone) an hiatus hernia & IBSa have been on Omeprazole 20mg daily and mebeverine 3times a day for around 2yrs now up to 3 month ago my symptoms just seemed to merge into 1long battle but then I started on Symprove and my life has improved dramatically. My constipation has more or less disappeared, I've found my triggers for diarrhoea, connected my indigestion to my triggers & got a grip on my anxiety BUT I still can't figure my periods out which in turn gives me mood swings. I have a normal period - sometimes a bit painful bit nothing major- they range between 3-4 wks but I get shocking mood swings & I have sort of mini periods after sex - lasting from an hour to 3 days or sometimes even setting my full period off- they're light & pain free but very inconvenient and just not a nice ending yo sex basically! Been to doc a few times but as nothing showed on the ultrasounds all she's willing to do is fit a Mirena coil, but I've read so many bad things about these & all side effects seem to be what I'm trying to get rid of! I also feel this is treating the symptom rather than finding the cause - so what I want to know is - does anyone else have this? Anyone have an idea what it could be causing it? Is it just part of IBSa? Any thoughts on the Mirena coil?

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Ignoring all other symptoms and only looking at your periods I would visit a family planning clinic for advice as bleeding after sex could be a worrying symptom. It may be nothing but an easy way to get some clarification.

This may sound silly but at 49 with 2 grown up kids & a hubby who had snip over 20yr ago I've never been to a family planning clinic & not even sure how I go go one. I know there is one in the town centre where I live do I just pop in & make an appointment or do I need to get a GP referral?

PatV in reply to coppertop

if you have had kids, you must have a GYN doctor. In the US you do not need a referral to a GYN.

coppertop in reply to PatV

I just saw midwife & gp at local doctors before & after births and midwife & labour doc at hosp when giving birth. Any gyny probs I usually just see GP but since IBS everything seems to get blamed on that

FP clinics usually offer a drop in service so I would just turn up

I got the Mirena coil fitted 3 years ago after troublesome heavy periods with cramps etc. However my IBS symptoms (diahorrea, nausea, fatigue, headaches) actually started the year before that so I am unsure whether removing the Mirena would be of any benefit or just make the old period problems reoccur.. Let me know what advice you are given from GP.

I have had a mirena coil in for 5 years and I've not had any problems with it. In fact it's been marvellous and all but stopped my periods. Other friends have got on well with it too. I've had IBS-d for 26 years but the mirena has no impact on this as they are two separate issues. I don't know how old you are coppertop but I can only comment on my situation. A lot of the symptoms that I had were due to the menopause and lower levels of oestrogen. These included headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, lower abdominal pain and generally feeling unwell. My GP put me on HRT for a while and most of these symptoms disappeared. At the end of the day'it's about quality of life even if it's only treating the symptoms!

I'm 49 & the symptoms you describe are mine too, although they have greatly improved with Symprove but I'm wary that I can't afford to keep that up & they may get worse and like you say it may be that these are due to starting menopause & not my IBS, I just wish the GP could advise me better! When I google mirena there's a lot of negativity about it some saying you bleed constantly for 6 month, some with migraines etc and I'm just torn now as this is best I've felt in 4 years so don't want to spoil things but at the same time want to stop the bleeds & the mood swings

winniep1 in reply to coppertop

The mirena is always worth a try and if you find it's not working for you, have it removed. If you've had the bleeding checked out and all is ok then it may be the way to go. I think if you read most medical reviews there is always some negativity but that doesn't mean you will have those experiences. Like I mentioned earlier, I haven't had any problems with the mirena, it has stopped all my erratic bleeding. I have 3 other close friends who also have one and they have had good experiences with the mirena too.

One of my best friends has had the coil fitted in the last 6 months and it has really helped her symptoms. She disappointed there no cause found but it works for her. As mentioned above I would get the bleeding after sex checked out and don't be fobbed off with IBS - how do they know if they don't check it out..they may have misunderstood where you are bleeding from (or I might have). That said bleeding from anywhere should be investigated so be persistent - see a different Dr at the practice or if needed change practices - your health is most important.

They've done blood tests & external & internal ultrasounds & all fine so they said they thought it was cos of straining with IBS & just suggested the Mirena, since on Symprove tho my constipation has more or less gone so not really straining & bleeding still there, have made appt with other GP for next week & think I'm gonna give Mirena a try, I know it's daft but I can't bear thought of family planning clinic at my age

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