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Could this be IBS?


My mum is a sufferer of IBS, I am currently going through test for many repoductive issues but am beginning to wonder if my problem is IBS. I get very sudden urges for needing the toilet, sometimes mild but also sometimes chronic stomach discomfort before needing the toilet. I also suffer from diarrhoea and constipation, which will alternate every few days. Could this actually be IBS?

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Short answer? Yup. But only a doctor can confirm that. You need to rule out all other physical causes first.

Agree with Kings, your mum definitely needs to see her doctor and be thoroughly checked out. Once she has had tests to eliminate everything and anything else then it’s probably IBS.

Hi, I don't think your mom needs to be tested, since you state she has IBS. Your problems are you have to have your own tests. It sounds like possible Tenesmus, which is sudden urges to go to the bathroom, but not producing anything. I don't know what the medication is called, but I do know there is medication for that. I know you said you have had tests, but I am wondering if you may need more "in depth tests" such as Colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan or upper and lower abdominal barium follow through. Are you currently under the care of a gastroenterologist?

I have had IBS for over thirty years and I’m well used to it but if after a very long periods of time without symptoms things start up again or even start up slightly differently I always go back to see my GP - I always think I’d hate to be thinking it’s ‘only’ my IBS and it turn out to be something far more sinister.

What have you tried to help relieve Probiotics, etc?

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