IBS/Crohn's/What Could It Be?

I'm sorry but this will be a bit of lengthy and TMI post.

This past week I've had a very difficult time going to the bathroom, constipation that was only relieved by a combination of olive oil, milk of magnesia, and black coffee I've been taking. I guess they finally took effect today but not 100% relief I was hoping for. I don't go often to the bathroom, but even for me this was quite a long time to not go.

I've read up on some symptoms and mine are currently mucous when trying to pass stool (at the beginning mucous was all I could pass and it was a strong orange color), feeling like I'm not hungry, some nausea, I get joint pains at times, and tonight as I was showering I've developed a new one. I have a dull ache on my right bottom pelvic area(where my right ovary is) that sometimes spreads to the hip. My younger sister is currently being treated for an ovarian cyst, what are the chances I could have one too you know?

Another, slightly more embarrassing thing I'm worried about. I'm not sure if it's because of the constipation that I've been pushing too hard but I discovered the other day that either A)I have a prolapsed rectum to some degree or B)a hemorrhoid. I have NO bleeding of any kind (not in my stool or when I wipe) nor do I have any pain of any kind down below, just that ovary area. I'm 18 and prolapsed colons are mostly common for older adults but there have been cases for people my age.

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this.

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  • Hi,

    Im sorry to hear what you're going through.

    I've been experiencing similar problems since october, mucus, constipation, pain low in the rectum, and in the pelvis. I already have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, so just put my joint pain down to this. The pain was relieved for me about 50% after I had my second surgery and they removed stage 4 endo, an ovary, and 2 cysts, but i still get the bowel problems.

    I'd suggest you go to your GP and mention the endo relation eith your sister, and maybe see if you can get an mri. If that comes back clear then its probably "just" IBS.

    My symptoms are very similar to you, and I had a colonoscopy, that came back clear so try not to worry too much.

    I've found mebeverine and a low dose anti depressant have helped ease my bowel pain and constipation slightly, so that might be worth asking the dr about, but they do take a while to work, and it can get worse before it gets better.

    Try keeping a food diary to see if anything triggers your pain too, I also kept a record of how often i went so see if it improved/ worsened.

    I hope you get some relief soon. Try not to worry, stress really does make it a lot worse.

    Take care

    Turtle x

  • Thank you for your response. I really hope it's not something too bad that requires surgery, but will take your advice. Now I just have to make an appointment without having my mom freak out.

    The semester is about to begin so it's adding to my stress.

  • Hi,firstly you must see your gp regarding you symptoms,I have ibs for 20yrs and the best thing you could take for the constipation is magnesium citrate tablets they may also help with your aches and pains ,make sure they are citrate not ordanary ones (they give you diareah).You may find you feel loads better if you get the constipation under control and after years of searching magnesium citrate have been a lifesaver for me,I always take mine just before bed and take 400mg,you may need more or less,you need to experimnt with dose,hope this helps,x

  • Thank you very much , I will look into these tablets. Also, I'll be making an appt. with GP to make sure it's not(or is) something requiring medical attention.

  • You must go to your doctor and some tests should be done

  • Was hoping it wouldn't come down to this, but will do.

  • I totally agree that magnesium citrate is the best natural supplement for ins c. I sometimes take up to 800mg before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water. I have tried so many things an despite having a healthy diet mainly vegetables and fruit and go to gym at least 4 times a week, I still have the problem unless I take magnesium. Try it it and I am sure it will help. The best is to take it in capsule form. You can get some good cheap ones on Amazon. I use Swanson, Now Foods and Fsc magnesium. By the way I also follow Fodmap, but that does not alleviate the constipation.

  • Thank you, I'll make sure to buy these .

  • I've just seen a consultant who thinks I have diverticulitis. Symptoms of that are similar to what you describe but include fevers, chills, aches & pains when I have flare ups. You don't have weight loss and not always bleeding with it. I'm waiting for colonoscopy and scan to confirm diagnosis.

    You really need to go to GP who should send you for tests. In the meantime you could eat a high fibre diet to see if it makes a difference.

  • I have had some weight loss (around 10 lbs in some 2-3 months) but not sure if that's anything serious. I have a very sedentary lifestyle but don't eat much.

    I will see a GP as I want to make sure this isn't something that'll get worse overtime.

  • Wow you poor girl. I sometimes have problems going to the toilet and like you try to sort it with known various things like Codliver oil and drink plenty of water. I hope one of our people can help you and I will be very interested in the comments xx

  • Thank you, I really hope it can get better quickly. It's a pretty crappy way to start the semester, pun intended.

  • You need to see your doctor and get some tests done - don't worry yourself with what it might be until you have done this

  • I feel like me worrying over this is making me more aware of everything going on in my body. I hope GP tells me I'm stressing over nothing.

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