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Being on the Fodmap and discovering onions and garlic are a big no no for ibs sufferers i think my love affair with onions is sadly at an end. I never realised onion was in so many foods as a hidden ingredient. Every time i have had a severe attack with cramps it has been after eating something with onion in some form in it so maybe there is the problem.

So i have heard that this spice, Asafoetida, is a fantastic alternative and despite the smell tastes like onions when cooked.

Has anyone ever used this spice?

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Sorry, don't know anything about asafoetida, but just wondered whether you've tried cooking with the green ends of spring onions and/or leeks as they're safe low FODMAPs as is garlic oil. I successfully did the FODMAPs diet for almost a year and these never gave me any probs.

I now take colestyramine before food and don't have to worry about elimination diets of any kind. If you've got IBS-D it's a treatment well worth asking your doctor about.



Thank you Roz, i have discovered i cannot tolerate even the green parts of spring onions and i hate leeks.

Colestyramine sounds fantastic, will definitely be asking my new g.p about that when i get signed up.

With my current g.p i got no chance of getting of them.


I use asafoetida regularly in place of both onions and garlic, my partner can not tell the difference except for the lack of 'onion bits' so for me it has proven to be a great addition to my herb and spice collection.


Thank you Sunbeam, i have just bought some from Ebay, i heard it is really great so am looking forward to using it but most people i spoke to have never heard of it. It is also apparently a great digestive aid and good for a lot of health problems.


It is quite a strong spice for the digestive system, so only use a tiny pinch.

Also look at the ingredients list when you buy as some have wheat added!


Thanks Ibsr, i have bought one from India, it is pure and has no added nasties. I noticed a lot of the cheaper ones had wheat and other horrors in them.

Thanks for the advice about only using a pinch.


Excellent. Might take a look on eBay too:-)


This is the listing i bought Pure Asafoetida (Hing Spice) - No Wheat Flour or Arabic Gum - 1 Bottle of 100 g

The seller is planetspices.


Hmmm just had a look. Never seen it in the solid form. Post back here when you receive it and have tried it.


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