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Anything that counteracts the effects of onion?

I'm new on here, any advice would be nice. My partner has been diagnosed with ibs after years of just dealing with awful bowels and we have successfully substituted onion for leek (I chop off the white bit first) in our home cooked meals but every time we go out to eat he suffers terribly for the next few days. I know that different people react differently but has anyone found anything that manages to alleviate some of the symptoms? It would be nice to have an anti-onion option, as it were.

Any suggestions would be lovely.

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Eating out for me has always been terrible! 2 triggers for me at least are greasy food and alcohol, if I partake in either, I will pay for it for days! My suggestion is that the best thing to do is work closely with a doctor to find out what foods to avoid. IBS is really frustrating and its a process of elimination. You have to be really proactive to find the right combo of meds/diet that works for you, since it varies person to person. I'm hoping with help from my doc I can find the foods to eliminate, I do not want to take a lot of different medications everyday. Also stress is a huge trigger for me, so I try to keep that as minimal as possible! Good luck! I hope your partner can find relief!


I keep a list of the foods that affect me and ask the waiter to show it to the chef. They have always been very helpful in helping me to find something I can eat.


If you go out to eat ask for food without onion

I have to have a dairy free diet and it doesn't stop me from eating out or going on holiday to France and Italy


I take Mebeverine if I know I have eaten something that will cause me problems. Alternatively I just pick things I can eat.


Check out the FODMAP diet. It helped me , for abit.



I had problems with onion and garlic. FODMAP helped me to identify this and gradually reintroduce them back in to diet. It was a long road for me but it does get better.

I used asafoetida for stews etc to give flavour.

I got my dr to refer me to dietitian that specialises in IBS. She had lots of useful advice and may help your husband - I found I was also sensitive to things I thought were ok and realised I had thresholds for certain foods.

Hope this helps.


I have been taking pro biotics tablets with 20 million bacteria they have immensely reduced my symptoms i.e. Gas bloating all the time and occasional diarrhoea please try these as they get to work almost straightaway

I ran out of them on Friday and yesterday had a diarrhoea flare up so I do know they have been working for me


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