I have had a reasonable spell with some minor symptoms but now having the following symptoms

Over the last few days have been feeling nauseous a lot of the time and a horrible feeling of over fullness in my,stomach even after eating small meals ( not bloating which I get as well) and also a 'full' feeling right up to my throat which feels sort of clogged up. Its definitely not a cold and I wondered if anyone else feels like this at all. Very uncomfortable but no real pain and bm normal. If you have experienced this any ideas on .remedies. I have been drinking ginger root in water with lemon and onion juice ( no actual onion for obvious reasons) and taking some pepto bismol which I am sure many of you will not think a good idea! No real improvement.

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  • Sounds like gastritis. Might be worth a visit to GP so the can examine your abdomen and check for soreness over your stomach.

  • Have you been diagnosed with acid reflux or acid indigestion before? To me sounds like some of the symptoms I get. If it is reflux Omeprazole helps me. Defo good advice from conkercat to go to GP and get it checked out.

  • yes had these symptons a few months ago,i do suffer with acid reflux/indigestion,starting taking reflux omeprazole first thing in the morning,not eating or drinking for 45 minutes after taking,also later on take mintec since seeing the doctor,don t known which one but one has calmed it down,good luck

  • Thank you for the advice. I am going to the gp tomorrow. Have taken omeprazole before briefly not for acid reflux but wondered if you had any side effects from it?

  • What answers did you get from the doctor?

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