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Morning all, just thought i would nip in and say hello - Im Allan 52 married, with COPD, IBS,Ventral Hernia, and just to spice things up neuropathy in a large area of my back - but the thing which is getting to me most is the IBS. Docs not much use, given me painkillers which makes things worse - so hopefully i can learn some neat tricks from you lovely people.


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  • What are the symptoms of your IBS? Read enough blogs and questions on here and you'll find out there are loads, but I don't think anybody has them all! What have you tried so far, e.g. diet etc, and have you had a formal diagnosis for IBS?

  • Hi Roz,

    Its like a wave of cramping pain, more so on the left hand side, which then seems to work its way over to the right. plus the normal constipation / diarohhra have cut out fried foods, and going with the healthier option such as mash potatoes instead of chips, beans are gone as they dont agree -One doc thinks its IBS linked to nerve damage, the other 'most probably ibs' so went back to was docs yesterday, trying to get something done, as this has gone on to long - i want a deffo answer as to what it is (they just gave me painkillers the last time) - so im now off at some point to play with the berium camera team.

    Thank you for your reply its much appreciated


  • Hi again,

    Within a couple of weeks of joining this site, I was advised to try the low FODMAP diet. Desperate to have a go at anything that might give me some relief, I went for it and, within 3 days, my symptoms had all but vanished although it can take longer for some people and, of course, it doesn't work at all for others. Got to be worth a go though so here's the info:

    Initially, the low FODMAP diet cuts out 5 food groups, which you do for 2 weeks. If you've got a huge improvement at the end of that period, you'll know that most, if not all, of your triggers are in one, some, or all of those groups. It’s essential that the diet is followed extremely closely and ingredients’ lists on everything you eat must be studied carefully – you’ll be surprised at what junk gets put into our food! You then 'challenge' each food group in turn by reintroducing it into your diet and, hopefully, reaching some accurate conclusions. This worked for me, and, apart from a restricted diet, I now lead a normal life. I have found other triggers outside of the FODMAP group, but these were easily identifiable once I’d solved the initial problem.

    As there are a lot of very misleading and just plain wrong items on the web about FODMAPs, my advice is firstly, follow this link: which takes you to Monash Uni in Australia where the diet was (and still is being) developed. There’s a lot of info on the site plus if you have an iPhone there is an app you can download which is really useful especially when you're out shopping or in a restaurant. Secondly, buy Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS - Free At Last' (available on Amazon) which gives excellent guidance on the diet and a plan to follow.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Roz,

    Again thnk you for the reply. I will look into this FODMAP sometime next week. The docs are sending me for a Barium next week to investigate my bowels. so once i know more about whats going on, but thank you for your support its much appreciated


  • Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for all of the advice, i have been making a note of what i eat and then seeing if there is a reaction, so things like baked beans, certain cereals and fizzy drinks are now out. The docs are sending me for a Barium next week so going to hold back on going the whole hog, and they have also changed my painkillers - so because im not taking so many the is a bit of relief from the constipation.

    But like i said to Roz, i appreciate the advice and support, keep up the good work


  • Hi Kerry,

    Thank you once again - i cant cut out the cereals, i make the stuff lol - I'm part of the Alpen Cereals / Bars (part of weetabix) crew so not much sugar in our stuff

    Thanks for the best wishes i promise i wont come back and tell you the details lol

    Take Care



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