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Anyone have false negative fructose test

False negative fructose malabsorption test. I did that test and I was so sick from it but the test came back negative.. iv stayed on the low fructose diet by the recommendation from my dietition. We tried adding it all back in but I react to it. I can't even handle alot of garlic or onions. I'm trying to decide if I want to redo the test or not. But it may be negative again.. I tell you that test was so bad I was so so so sick from it.

I can't have gluten because of celiac and I can't have dairy products because I can't have to protein or lactose

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Hi there,

My personal opinion is that you can do all the tests in the world - but you know your body best. I didn't even bother doing a test. I know that if I eat an apple, I will set off IBS. If you are reacting to fructose, have a look at the low FODMAP lists around. Serving sizes are very important. I can eat a few strawberries, for example, but I don't want, and I can't digest any more. Another thing to know is that cooked fruit (eg. cooked apple) is much easier to digest.

You may find my article on food triggers of help: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

Hope this helps!




Apples kill me!


Apples are really high in fructose. Pears are too. Both seem fine cooked:)


They both kill me either way. I just stay away from them..


Really does sound like fructose intolerance... I have fructose and lactose intolerance. I feel for you having the gluten as well. Must be particularly complicated. Next Thursday I will be posting info on SickofIBS.com I think you could find useful to move forward with your IBS.


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