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IBS since i was little I am now 28

Had problems with IBS all my life .

Done the whole excluding dairy products, onions, and changing other things in my diet.

But i still have flare ups and it gets me down.

Anyone got any food triggers that be useful for me to try?

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I cut out fried, spicy, caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Been better since doing this.


Hi, I tested high for SIBO & I did all the antibiotics, probiotics & fodmap diet & still feel awful? Any suggestions ?


Have you tried a full FODMAP diet? This works well for me and NHS dietitians have now been trained to advise on it.


Have you tried a probiotic? it has made a huge improvement for me.


Dear Matusadona

Can I ask you what probiotic do you take please? I am on Symprove which is brilliant for me but quite expensive!!!! I have tried coming off it but am 100 times better with my symptoms when I am on it!!!


my sister swears by natural trinity. says it cured her crohn's disease. I haven't found one yet -- I have ibs-c and parkinson's


I initially took Healthspan, Super20 Probiotic, After finishing that packet I then moved onto the cheaper version called Healthspan Pro5. I buy them online but they are available by phoning 0800 73 123 77.


I avoid most foods that are high in FODMAPs. Also, I have to eat smaller quantities (200-300 calories about 6 times a day) or regardless of the foods, I will be in trouble.


Hi like you I have suffered since childhood with IBS D and C.

Im presently on the low fodmap diet but 6 months on my symptoms havnt improved drastically. I do find I suffer less with the IBS D as wheat was a huge trigger and too much dairy too for causing loose stools.Take a look at the lowfodmap diet as its a good starting point to looking at which foods trigger your problems. I can only advise that you drink at least 1.5L of water a day to flush out the bowel, try probiotics though they dont seem to work for me but they do for others, and try and regularly take some "YOU TIME" and de-stress, stress is a big factor in making symptoms worse.

Also worth looking at contraception, as hormonal forms of contraception can make symptoms worse in some people.

Have your symptoms been checked out by a bowel consultant? if things dont improve with diet then Id advise you seek to gain some reassurance as to what is going on, IBS is a term used very routinely by GPs.


If IBS is caused by a virus, try natures antibiotic. Colloidal Silver. It kills the virus, does not harm the person, like antibiotics do. Find a supplier with the help of Google.


That is utter rubbish. Silver is antibacterial too but it does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria and inhibits all kinds. It can also give you heavy metal poisoning and make your skin go grey - and in some people this can happen quite quickly, if they do not detoxify well.

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Hi there,

Have you been checked out for Candida and SIBO? You may have this going on silently in the background. I had Candida - and when I treated it, me digestion really improved.

Have a a look at my article and see if your symptoms match either of these: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope this helps.



Welchol (325 mg. - 2 pills twice a day). Knocked my dirrhea on it's head! I now have my life back!


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