Low FODMAP ready meals?

Hi everyone,

A quick question for all fellow Low-FODMAPpers... has anyone been able to find decent ready meals anywhere? Soooo fed up with having to cook everything from scratch all the time. I'd love to find a range of low-FODMAP friendly 'dingables'... no wheat, no onion/garlic, no peas... you know the drill.

All the gluten free stuff is getting better and better (in terms of taste and variety) these days, but they all still contain onions - an absolute no-no for me. I'd be so happy to taste a little lasagna or shepherds pie that I didn't have to slave over once in a while.

Any ideas?

K xx

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  • Hi KirstieG, I live in the UK and I don't think there are any FODMAP friendly ready meals yet, but if there is any one reading these posts who owns a company that could produce healthy ones, I'd definitely be a customer !! 😃

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