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Bladder problems and IBS?


Hi everyone. Does anyone else experience a weak bladder as a result of going to the loo with an upset stomach? I experience it worse in mornings, if my stomach is upset I can go four or five times, and then I need to 'spend a penny' several times after in quick succession and urgently. It adds further stress to a morning routine already very uneasy. I should add that I deliberately don't drink in the mornings because of this. Anyone else had this? Anyone got any advice?

Thanks :-)

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I, too, used to have this problem and it wasn't until I went for an internal ultra sound, where I had to pee immediately beforehand, that I discovered that although I had emptied my bladder as much as I could, it was actually still half full - I could see this for myself on the screen. I asked my GP about it and she told me that because bladder and bowel are so physically close together, if the bowel isn't empty it squeezes the bladder in a virtual bottle neck and urine can only gradually trickle through. She also told me that, as a result, irritable bladder and irritable bowel frequently go hand-in-hand. As I don't have so many problems clearing my bowel since starting the FODMAP diet 7 months ago, I don't have the bladder problem as bad any more.

Hope this helps.


Hi Lucy, I have experienced what you describe. Some websites do show urinary complaints as one of the possible symptoms of IBS. Sometimes the urge to urinate can be as bad as the urge to pass a bowel movement. Majorly annoying!

I try to get over this by going to the toilet frequently and trying not to let my bladder get too full. I don't think there is much else we can do :-/

Thanks pagan, your explanation sounds very likely to be my problem. I have always had a weak bladder and did once have an ultrasound for another problem, had to drink lots and needed badly to go during the scan, the lady just checked my bladder and although I was desperate to go it was only around a third full. And when I do get a bout of 'peeing fits' as I call them, it's very frustrating that I go so little amounts but so desperately!

Chocobella, I think we do have to grin and bare it! Hopefully we can all get sorted soon!

Hi, yes there is definately a connection with bladder and ibs. It happens to me whenever I get a flare up. Its a double whammy, I have it at the moment, its just so tiring having to spend hours going in and out if the loo. But hey, we ibs"ers are tough cookies, we battle through regardless. This site is a breath of fresh air, such a lovely caring bunch.

Hi Lucy,

You are definitely not alone. I get this when I have a flare up as well. Super annoying when at work!

I hope you find a way to deal with it that works for you!

yes I get this with IBS C and parkinson's . It's like a urinary paralysis.

I have problems with the warter workes as well

i,m 36 and i believe i,ve had ibssince the age of 6/7 i,ve always had bad tummy and cramps my ibs changes from day to day and from one extreme to another but in the last 3 years my bladder has gone crazy i constantly feel like i have an infection in my bladder my doctors tell me different things 2 gps have told me that ibs and an irritable bladder go hand in hand ...1 gp told me its all to do with my hormones ? but i,m down the doctors every few weeks getting it checked as my doctor told me if i feel like i have an uti then not to leave it ...but i,m always in the toilet sometimes i,ll be back and fourth having a wee for a few hours then it will settle then it will flare up again weird i think lol .....but at the moment even sipping water to drink is causing me stomach cramps :( and stress and worry is a nightmare too

Realise this is about 2 years old but I've been experiencing it, the panic has convinced me something is wrong buy what you're saying makes so much sense.

Thank you for sharing

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